Corradini, C
Corradini, C
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Fermentation of fructooligosaccharides and inulin by bifidobacteria: a comparative study of pure and fecal cultures
M Rossi, C Corradini, A Amaretti, M Nicolini, A Pompei, S Zanoni, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 71 (10), 6150-6158, 2005
Direct HPLC Analysis of Quercetin and trans-Resveratrol in Red Wine, Grape, and Winemaking Byproducts
M Careri, C Corradini, L Elviri, I Nicoletti, I Zagnoni
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 51 (18), 5226-5231, 2003
Characterization of 12 Capsicum varieties by evaluation of their carotenoid profile and pungency determination
D Giuffrida, P Dugo, G Torre, C Bignardi, A Cavazza, C Corradini, G Dugo
Food Chemistry 140 (4), 794-802, 2013
Recent advances in the application of mass spectrometry in food-related analysis
M Careri, F Bianchi, C Corradini
Journal of Chromatography A 970 (1-2), 3-64, 2002
High-performance anion-exchange chromatography coupled with pulsed electrochemical detection as a powerful tool to evaluate carbohydrates of food interest: principles and …
C Corradini, A Cavazza, C Bignardi
International Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 2012, 2012
Physicochemical characterization and stability of inulin gels
E Chiavaro, E Vittadini, C Corradini
European Food Research and Technology 225 (1), 85-94, 2007
Determination of nitrates, nitrites and oxalates in food products by capillary electrophoresis with pH-dependent electroosmotic flow reversal
C Merusi, C Corradini, A Cavazza, C Borromei, P Salvadeo
Food chemistry 120 (2), 615-620, 2010
Liquid Chromatography−Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry of cis-Resveratrol and trans-Resveratrol:  Development, Validation, and Application of the …
M Careri, C Corradini, L Elviri, I Nicoletti, I Zagnoni
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 52 (23), 6868-6874, 2004
High-performance anion-exchange chromatography coupled with pulsed amperometric detection and capillary zone electrophoresis with indirect ultra violet detection as powerful …
C Corradini, F Bianchi, D Matteuzzi, A Amoretti, M Rossi, S Zanoni
Journal of Chromatography a 1054 (1-2), 165-173, 2004
High-performance immobilized-metal affinity chromatography of proteins of iminodiacetic acid silica-based bonded phases
A Figueroa, C Corradini, B Feibush, BL Karger
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Electrophoresis of proteins in uncoated capillaries with amines and amino sugars as electrolyte additives
D Corradini, A Rhomberg, C Corradini
Journal of Chromatography A 661 (1), 305-313, 1994
Different compensatory mechanisms in two metal-accumulating aquatic macrophytes exposed to acute cadmium stress in outdoor artificial lakes
LS di Toppi, E Vurro, L Rossi, R Marabottini, R Musetti, M Careri, M Maffini, ...
Chemosphere 68 (4), 769-780, 2007
Effects of alkylamines on electroosmotic flow and protein migration behaviour in capillary electrophoresis
D Corradini, G Cannarsa, E Fabbri, C Corradini
Journal of Chromatography A 709 (1), 127-134, 1995
Natamycin based sol–gel antimicrobial coatings on polylactic acid films for food packaging
C Lantano, I Alfieri, A Cavazza, C Corradini, A Lorenzi, N Zucchetto, ...
Food chemistry 165, 342-347, 2014
Evaluation of carotenoid and capsaicinoid contents in powder of red chili peppers during one year of storage
D Giuffrida, P Dugo, G Torre, C Bignardi, A Cavazza, C Corradini, G Dugo
Food Research International 65, 163-170, 2014
Tumor necrosis factor-inducing activities of Cryptococcus neoformans components
D Delfino, L Cianci, M Migliardo, G Mancuso, V Cusumano, C Corradini, ...
Infection and immunity 64 (12), 5199-5204, 1996
Effects of alternative steeping methods on composition, antioxidant property and colour of green, black and oolong tea infusions
C Lantano, M Rinaldi, A Cavazza, D Barbanti, C Corradini
Journal of food science and technology 52 (12), 8276-8283, 2015
High‐performance liquid chromatographic phenolic compound fingerprint for authenticity assessment of honey
A Cavazza, C Corradini, M Musci, P Salvadeo
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 93 (5), 1169-1175, 2013
Antimicrobial films containing lysozyme for active packaging obtained by sol–gel technique
C Corradini, I Alfieri, A Cavazza, C Lantano, A Lorenzi, N Zucchetto, ...
Journal of Food Engineering 119 (3), 580-587, 2013
Maillard reaction in milk-based foods: nutritional consequences
L Pizzoferrato, P Manzi, V Vivanti, I Nicoletti, C Corradini, E Cogliandro
Journal of Food Protection® 61 (2), 235-239, 1998
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