Matteo Cherchi
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Dramatic size reduction of waveguide bends on a micron-scale silicon photonic platform
M Cherchi, S Ylinen, M Harjanne, M Kapulainen, T Aalto
Optics express 21 (15), 17814-17823, 2013
Titania inverse opals for infrared optical applications
M Lanata, M Cherchi, A Zappettini, SM Pietralunga, M Martinelli
Optical Materials 17 (1-2), 11-14, 2001
Dual SOA-MZI Wavelength Converters Based on III-V Hybrid Integration on a -Scale Si Platform
D Fitsios, T Alexoudi, GT Kanellos, K Vyrsokinos, N Pleros, T Tekin, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 26 (6), 560-563, 2014
Integrated optic polarization converter based on structural chirality
MR Watts, M Cherchi, HA Haus
US Patent 7,228,015, 2007
Integrated optic surface plasmon resonance measurements in a borosilicate glass substrate
A Parisi, A Cino, A Busacca, M Cherchi, S Riva-Sanseverino
Sensors 8 (11), 7113-7124, 2008
Exploiting the optical quadratic nonlinearity of zinc-blende semiconductors for guided-wave terahertz generation: a material comparison
M Cherchi, A Taormina, AC Busacca, RL Oliveri, S Bivona, AC Cino, ...
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 46 (3), 368-376, 2010
Optical coupling device
M Cherchi, G Gorni
US Patent 8,064,741, 2011
Unconstrained splitting ratios in compact double-MMI couplers
M Cherchi, S Ylinen, M Harjanne, M Kapulainen, T Vehmas, T Aalto
Optics express 22 (8), 9245-9253, 2014
Guided-wave frequency doubling in surface periodically poled lithium niobate: competing effects
S Stivala, A Pasquazi, L Colace, G Assanto, AC Busacca, M Cherchi, ...
JOSA B 24 (7), 1564-1570, 2007
Low-loss spiral waveguides with ultra-small footprint on a micron scale SOI platform
M Cherchi, S Ylinen, M Harjanne, M Kapulainen, T Vehmas, T Aalto
Silicon Photonics IX 8990, 899005, 2014
The Euler bend: paving the way for high-density integration on micron-scale semiconductor platforms
M Cherchi, S Ylinen, M Harjanne, M Kapulainen, T Vehmas, T Aalto
Silicon Photonics IX 8990, 899004, 2014
3-micron silicon photonics
T Aalto, M Cherchi, M Harjanne, F Sun, M Kapulainen
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Tu3A. 5, 2018
Optical band splitter/combiner and apparatus comprising the same
M Cherchi
US Patent 7,860,359, 2010
Optical add-filtering switching device
M Tormen, M Cherchi, H Haus, E Haus
US Patent App. 10/663,132, 2005
Method for characterization of Si waveguide propagation loss
M Moresco, M Romagnoli, S Boscolo, M Midrio, M Cherchi, ES Hosseini, ...
Optics express 21 (5), 5391-5400, 2013
Universal charts for optical difference frequency generation in the terahertz domain
M Cherchi, S Bivona, AC Cino, AC Busacca, RL Oliveri
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 46 (6), 1009-1013, 2010
Wavelength-flattened directional couplers: a geometrical approach
M Cherchi
Applied optics 42 (36), 7141-7148, 2003
Optical Bloch-mode-induced quasi phase matching of quadratic interactions in one-dimensional photonic crystals
D Faccio, F Bragheri, M Cherchi
JOSA B 21 (2), 296-301, 2004
Multicast-enabling optical switch design employing Si buffering and routing elements
M Moralis-Pegios, N Terzenidis, G Mourgias-Alexandris, M Cherchi, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 30 (8), 712-715, 2018
Design scheme for Mach-Zehnder interferometric coarse wavelength division multiplexing splitters and combiners
M Cherchi
JOSA B 23 (9), 1752-1756, 2006
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