Vladislav Korenivski
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Structure and magnetic properties of epitaxial spinel ferrite thin films
Y Suzuki, RB Van Dover, EM Gyorgy, JM Phillips, V Korenivski, ...
Applied physics letters 68 (5), 714-716, 1996
GHz magnetic film inductors
V Korenivski
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 215, 800-806, 2000
Magnetic film inductors for radio frequency applications
V Korenivski, RB Van Dover
Journal of Applied Physics 82 (10), 5247-5254, 1997
Spin injection and relaxation in a mesoscopic superconductor
N Poli, JP Morten, M Urech, A Brataas, DB Haviland, V Korenivski
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High frequency properties of Fe–Cr–Ta–N soft magnetic films
S Jin, W Zhu, RB Van Dover, TH Tiefel, V Korenivski, LH Chen
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Increases in giant magnetoresistance by ion irradiation
DM Kelly, IK Schuller, V Korenivski, KV Rao, KK Larsen, J Bottiger, ...
Physical Review B 50 (5), 3481, 1994
A method to measure the complex permeability of thin films at ultra-high frequencies
V Korenivski, RB Van Dover, PM Mankiewich, ZX Ma, AJ Becker, ...
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 32 (5), 4905-4907, 1996
Spin diode based on Fe/MgO double tunnel junction
A Iovan, S Andersson, YG Naidyuk, A Vedyaev, B Dieny, V Korenivski
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Core-Core dynamics in spin vortex pairs
SS Cherepov, BC Koop, AY Galkin, RS Khymyn, BA Ivanov, DC Worledge, ...
Physical review letters 109 (9), 097204, 2012
Design of high frequency inductors based on magnetic films
V Korenivski, RB Van Dover
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 34 (4), 1375-1377, 1998
Interlayer exchange coupling in amorphous/crystalline NiFe2O4 thin‐film bilayers
V Korenivski, RB Van Dover, Y Suzuki, EM Gyorgy, JM Phillips, RJ Felder
Journal of applied physics 79 (8), 5926-5928, 1996
Temperature-controlled interlayer exchange coupling in strong/weak ferromagnetic multilayers: A thermomagnetic Curie switch
AF Kravets, AN Timoshevskii, BZ Yanchitsky, MA Bergmann, J Buhler, ...
Physical Review B 86 (21), 214413, 2012
Direct demonstration of decoupling of spin and charge currents in nanostructures
M Urech, V Korenivski, N Poli, DB Haviland
Nano letters 6 (4), 871-874, 2006
Suppression of superconductivity due to spin imbalance in Co/Al/Co single electron transistor
J Johansson, M Urech, D Haviland, V Korenivski
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Spin dynamics of two-coupled nanomagnets in spin-flop tunnel junctions
A Konovalenko, E Lindgren, SS Cherepov, V Korenivski, DC Worledge
Physical Review B 80 (14), 144425, 2009
Thermally activated switching in spin-flop tunnel junctions
V Korenivski, DC Worledge
Applied Physics Letters 86 (25), 252506, 2005
Electromagnetic analysis of layered magnetic/conductor structures
A Gromov, V Korenivski
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 33 (7), 773, 2000
Spectroscopy of phonons and spin torques in magnetic point contacts
IK Yanson, YG Naidyuk, DL Bashlakov, VV Fisun, OP Balkashin, ...
Physical review letters 95 (18), 186602, 2005
Analysis of current distribution in magnetic film inductors
A Gromov, V Korenivski, D Haviland, RB Van Dover
Journal of applied physics 85 (8), 5202-5204, 1999
Magnetic properties of epitaxial ferrite multilayer films
Y Suzuki, RB Van Dover, EM Gyorgy, JM Phillips, V Korenivski, ...
Journal of applied physics 79 (8), 5923-5925, 1996
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