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Multiphase solid inclusions in UHP rocks (Su-Lu, China): Remnants of supercritical silicate-rich aqueous fluids released during continental subduction
S Ferrando, ML Frezzotti, L Dallai, R Compagnoni
Chemical Geology 223 (1-3), 68-81, 2005
Water in minerals of the continental lithospheric mantle and overlying lower crust: a comparative study of peridotite and granulite xenoliths from the North China Craton
XZ Yang, QK Xia, E Deloule, L Dallai, QC Fan, M Feng
Chemical Geology 256 (1-2), 33-45, 2008
Low water content of the Cenozoic lithospheric mantle beneath the eastern part of the North China Craton
QK Xia, Y Hao, P Li, E Deloule, M Coltorti, L Dallai, X Yang, M Feng
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 115 (B7), 2010
Eruptive history and petrologic evolution of the Albano multiple maar (Alban Hills, Central Italy)
C Freda, M Gaeta, DB Karner, F Marra, PR Renne, J Taddeucci, ...
Bulletin of Volcanology 68 (6), 567-591, 2006
Enhanced CO2-mineral sequestration by cyclic hydraulic fracturing and Si-rich fluid infiltration into serpentinites at Malentrata (Tuscany, Italy)
C Boschi, A Dini, L Dallai, G Ruggieri, G Gianelli
Chemical Geology 265 (1-2), 209-226, 2009
Time-dependent geochemistry of clinopyroxene from the Alban Hills (Central Italy): clues to the source and evolution of ultrapotassic magmas
M Gaeta, C Freda, JN Christensen, L Dallai, F Marra, DB Karner, ...
Lithos 86 (3-4), 330-346, 2006
H2O contents and D/H ratios of nominally anhydrous minerals from ultrahigh-pressure eclogites of the Dabie orogen, eastern China
YM Sheng, QK Xia, L Dallai, XZ Yang, YT Hao
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 (8), 2079-2103, 2007
Mantle sources and crustal input as recorded in high-Mg Deccan Traps basalts of Gujarat (India)
L Melluso, JJ Mahoney, L Dallai
Lithos 89 (3-4), 259-274, 2006
On the origin of EM–I end-member
M Lustrino, L Dallai
Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie-Abhandlungen: Journal of Mineralogy and …, 2003
Water contents of pyroxenes in intraplate lithospheric mantle
C Bonadiman, Y Hao, M Coltorti, L Dallai, B Faccini, Y Huang, Q Xia
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Oxygen isotope geochemistry of pyroclastic clinopyroxene monitors carbonate contributions to Roman-type ultrapotassic magmas
L Dallai, C Freda, M Gaeta
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 148 (2), 247-263, 2004
Intermediate alkali–alumino-silicate aqueous solutions released by deeply subducted continental crust: Fluid evolution in UHP OH-rich topaz–kyanite quartzites from Donghai …
ML Frezzotti, S Ferrando, L Dallai, R Compagnoni
Journal of Petrology 48 (6), 1219-1241, 2007
Sr–Nd–Pb–O isotopic evidence for decreasing crustal contamination with ongoing magma evolution at Alicudi volcano (Aeolian arc, Italy): implications for style of magma-crust …
A Peccerillo, L Dallai, ML Frezzotti, PD Kempton
Lithos 78 (1-2), 217-233, 2004
Lateglacial to holocene trace element record (Ba, Mg, Sr) from corchia cave (Apuan Alps, central Italy): paleoenvironmental implications
E REGATTIERI, G ZANCHETTA, RN Drysdale, I Isola, JC Hellstrom, ...
Journal of quaternary Science 29 (4), 381-392, 2014
Magma Chambers Emplaced in Carbonate Substrate: Petrogenesis of Skarn and Cumulate Rocks and Implications for CO2 Degassing in Volcanic Areas
T Di Rocco, C Freda, M Gaeta, S Mollo, L Dallai
Journal of Petrology 53 (11), 2307-2332, 2012
Exhumation of a Variscan orogenic complex: insights into the composite granulitic–amphibolitic metamorphic basement of south‐east Corsica (France)
F Giacomini, L Dallai, E Carminati, M Tiepolo, C Ghezzo
Journal of metamorphic Geology 26 (4), 403-436, 2008
Coexisting calc-alkaline and ultrapotassic magmatism at Monti Ernici, Mid Latina Valley (Latium, central Italy)
ML Frezzotti, G De Astis, L Dallai, C Ghezzo
European Journal of Mineralogy 19 (4), 479-497, 2007
Sr–Nd–Pb–He–O isotope and geochemical constraints on the genesis of Cenozoic magmas from the West Antarctic Rift
I Nardini, P Armienti, S Rocchi, L Dallai, D Harrison
Journal of Petrology 50 (7), 1359-1375, 2009
Carbonate-derived CO2 purging magma at depth: influence on the eruptive activity of Somma-Vesuvius, Italy
L Dallai, R Cioni, C Boschi, C D'Oriano
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 310 (1-2), 84-95, 2011
Oxygen and hydrogen isotope heterogeneity of clinopyroxene megacrysts from Nushan Volcano, SE China
QK Xia, L Dallai, E Deloule
Chemical Geology 209 (1-2), 137-151, 2004
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