Nica Borgese
Nica Borgese
Professor of Biology, University of Catanzaro
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Formation of stacked ER cisternae by low affinity protein interactions
EL Snapp, RS Hegde, M Francolini, F Lombardo, S Colombo, ...
J Cell Biol 163 (2), 257-269, 2003
PI (4, 5) P2-dependent and Ca2+-regulated ER-PM interactions mediated by the extended synaptotagmins
F Giordano, Y Saheki, O Idevall-Hagren, SF Colombo, M Pirruccello, ...
Cell 153 (7), 1494-1509, 2013
The tale of tail-anchored proteins: coming from the cytosol and looking for a membrane
N Borgese, S Colombo, E Pedrazzini
The Journal of cell biology 161 (6), 1013-1019, 2003
How tails guide tail-anchored proteins to their destinations
N Borgese, S Brambillasca, S Colombo
Current opinion in cell biology 19 (4), 368-375, 2007
Cubic membranes: a legend beyond the Flatland* of cell membrane organization
ZA Almsherqi, SD Kohlwein, Y Deng
The Journal of cell biology 173 (6), 839-844, 2006
Targeting pathways of C-tail-anchored proteins
N Borgese, E Fasana
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1808 (3), 937-946, 2011
Ribosomal-membrane interaction: in vitro binding of ribosomes to microsomal membranes
N Borgese, W Mok, G Kreibich, DD Sabatini
Journal of molecular biology 88 (3), 559-580, 1974
Endoplasmic reticulum architecture: structures in flux
N Borgese, M Francolini, E Snapp
Current opinion in cell biology 18 (4), 358-364, 2006
Targeting of a tail-anchored protein to endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondrial outer membrane by independent but competing pathways
N Borgese, I Gazzoni, M Barberi, S Colombo, E Pedrazzini
Molecular biology of the cell 12 (8), 2482-2496, 2001
Transmembrane topogenesis of a tail‐anchored protein is modulated by membrane lipid composition
S Brambillasca, M Yabal, P Soffientini, S Stefanovic, M Makarow, ...
The EMBO journal 24 (14), 2533-2542, 2005
Unassisted translocation of large polypeptide domains across phospholipid bilayers
S Brambillasca, M Yabal, M Makarow, N Borgese
J Cell Biol 175 (5), 767-777, 2006
A mutant cytochrome b5 with a lengthened membrane anchor escapes from the endoplasmic reticulum and reaches the plasma membrane
E Pedrazzini, A Villa, N Borgese
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 93 (9), 4207-4212, 1996
Uncovering common principles in protein export of malaria parasites
C Grring, A Heiber, F Kruse, S Flemming, G Franci, SF Colombo, ...
Cell host & microbe 12 (5), 717-729, 2012
Cytoplasmic membranes and the secretory process
J Meldolesi, N Borgese, P De Camilli, B Ceccarelli
Membrane Fusion 5, 510-627, 1978
Transmembrane domain–dependent partitioning of membrane proteins within the endoplasmic reticulum
P Ronchi, S Colombo, M Francolini, N Borgese
J Cell Biol 181 (1), 105-118, 2008
A role for N-myristoylation in protein targeting: NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase requires myristic acid for association with outer mitochondrial but not ER membranes.
N Borgese, D Aggujaro, P Carrera, G Pietrini, M Bassetti
The Journal of cell biology 135 (6), 1501-1513, 1996
The effects of Bothrops jararacussu venom and its components on frog nerve-muscle preparation
L Rodrigues-Simioni, N Borgese, B Ceccarelli
Neuroscience 10 (2), 475-489, 1983
Activation of the endothelial nitric-oxide synthase by tumor necrosis factor-α a novel feedback mechanism regulating cell death
S Bulotta, R Barsacchi, D Rotiroti, N Borgese, E Clementi
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (9), 6529-6536, 2001
N-myristoylation determines dual targeting of mammalian NADH-cytochrome b (5) reductase to ER and mitochondrial outer membranes by a mechanism of kinetic partitioning
S Colombo, R Longhi, S Alcaro, F Ortuso, T Sprocati, A Flora, N Borgese
The Journal of cell biology 168 (5), 735-745, 2005
KDEL and KKXX retrieval signals appended to the same reporter protein determine different trafficking between endoplasmic reticulum, intermediate compartment, and Golgi complex
M Stornaiuolo, LV Lotti, N Borgese, MR Torrisi, G Mottola, G Martire, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 14 (3), 889-902, 2003
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