Ayesha Sharmin
Ayesha Sharmin
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, BUET, Bangladesh
Email verificata su chem.buet.ac.bd
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Photophysical properties and computational investigations of tricarbonylrhenium (I)[2-(4-methylpyridin-2-yl) benzo [d]-X-azole] L and tricarbonylrhenium (I)[2-(benzo [d]-X-azol …
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Facile E− E and E− C bond activation of PhEEPh (E= Te, Se, S) by ruthenium carbonyl clusters: Formation of di-and triruthenium complexes bearing bridging dppm and …
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A comparative study of the reactivity of unsaturated triosmium clusters [Os3 (CO) 8 {μ3-Ph2PCH2P (Ph) C6H4}(μ-H)] and [Os3 (CO) 9 {μ3-η2-C7H3 (2-Me) NS}(μ-H)] with tBuNC
AK Raha, S Ghosh, MM Karim, DA Tocher, N Begum, A Sharmin, ...
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Photophysical Studies of Bioconjugated Ruthenium Metal–Ligand Complexes Incorporated in Phospholipid Membrane Bilayers
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Cluster-mediated alkenyl isomerism and carbon–carbon bond formation: The reaction of the unsaturated benzothiazole cluster [Os3 (CO) 9 (μ3-C7H4NS)(μ-H)] with dimethyl …
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Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 695 (10-11), 1435-1440, 2010
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Structural and functional characterization of the acidic region from the RIZ tumor suppressor
Y Sun, JM Stine, DZ Atwater, A Sharmin, JBA Ross, K Briknarová
Biochemistry 54 (6), 1390-1400, 2015
An Electron-Deficient Triosmium Cluster Containing the Thianthrene Ligand: Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of [Os3(CO)932-C12H7S2)(μ-H)]
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Reactions of Unsaturated Quinoline Triosmium Clusters [Os3(CO)932-C9H5(4-R)N)(μ-H)] (R=Me or H) with Tetramethylthiourea: X-ray Structures of [Os3(CO)8(μ-η2-C9H5(4-Me)N)(η2-SC(NMe2NCH2Me)(μ-H)2] and [Os3(CO …
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Reducing excess phosphorus in agricultural runoff with low-cost, locally available materials to prevent toxic eutrophication in hoar areas of Bangladesh
A Sharmin, MA Hai, MM Hossain, MM Rahman, MB Billah, S Islam, ...
Groundwater for Sustainable Development 10, 100348, 2020
Analysis of Fatty Acid Composition in Chicken Fast Foods of Dhaka City
M Rahman, BC Paul, A Sharmin, ML Hossain, SC Roy, M Khan, ...
Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences 43 (1), 39-45, 2019
Phosphorescent Ru (II) Complexes as Probes of Model Membrane Systems
E Rosenberg, JBA Ross, A Sharmin
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Treatment of Reactive Dye Containing Textile Wastewater using Microwave Assisted Synthesized Poly (Diallyldimethylammonium Chloride)
M Rahman, M Rana, Z Nasreen, MM Hossain, A Sharmin
Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences 41 (2), 165-174, 2017
Electrochemical studies of Ru (II) diimine bioconjugates
M Ravera, A Sharmin, E Rosenberg
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Alternative Conformations of Yeast Iso-1-Cytochrome C: Effects of a Gatekeeping Residue on Heme Crevice Dynamics
LJ McClelland, TC Mou, ME Jeakins-Cooley, MM Cherney, SR Sprang, ...
Biophysical Journal 106 (2), 226a-227a, 2014
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