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Camillo La Mesa
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Polymer–surfactant and protein–surfactant interactions
C La Mesa
Journal of colloid and interface science 286 (1), 148-157, 2005
Dependence of critical micelle concentrations on intensive variables: a reduced variables analysis
C La Mesa
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Multi-to unilamellar transitions in catanionic vesicles
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Mass transport and charge transfer rates for Co (III)/Co (II) redox couple in a thin-layer cell
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A Biophysical Investigation on the Binding and Controlled DNA Release in a Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide− Sodium Octyl Sulfate Cat-Anionic Vesicle System
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Stable TiO2 dispersions for nanocoating preparation
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Gemini surfactant–water mixtures: some physical–chemical properties
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Interactions between single-walled carbon nanotubes and lysozyme
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Biological activity of SDS-CTAB cat-anionic vesicles in cultured cells and assessment of their cytotoxicity ending in apoptosis
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Polymorphic Behavior in Protein− Surfactant Mixtures: The Water− Bovine Serum Albumin− Sodium Taurodeoxycholate System
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Phase diagrams and NMR studies of some ternary sodium deoxycholate-surfactant-water systems
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Alkyl glucopyranoside-based niosomes containing methotrexate for pharmaceutical applications: Evaluation of physico-chemical and biological properties
R Muzzalupo, L Tavano, C La Mesa
International journal of pharmaceutics 458 (1), 224-229, 2013
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