Monica Dettin
Monica Dettin
Ricercatore Chimica Organica, UniversitÓ di Padova
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Human osteoblast-like cell adhesion on titanium substrates covalently functionalized with synthetic peptides
A Bagno, A Piovan, M Dettin, A Chiarion, P Brun, R Gambaretto, ...
Bone 40 (3), 693-699, 2007
Novel osteoblast‐adhesive peptides for dental/orthopedic biomaterials
M Dettin, MT Conconi, R Gambaretto, A Pasquato, M Folin, C Di Bello, ...
Journal of biomedical materials research 60 (3), 466-471, 2002
Effect of synthetic peptides on osteoblast adhesion
M Dettin, MT Conconi, R Gambaretto, A Bagno, C Di Bello, AM Menti, ...
Biomaterials 26 (22), 4507-4515, 2005
The proprotein convertase ski-1/s1p in vitro analysis of lassa virus glycoprotein-derived substrates and ex vivo validation of irreversible peptide inhibitors
A Pasquato, P Pullikotil, MC Asselin, M Vacatello, L Paolillo, F Ghezzo, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (33), 23471-23481, 2006
Covalent surface modification of titanium oxide with different adhesive peptides: Surface characterization and osteoblast‐like cell adhesion
M Dettin, A Bagno, R Gambaretto, G Iucci, MT Conconi, N Tuccitto, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of Theá…, 2009
Contact profilometry and correspondence analysis to correlate surface properties and cell adhesion in vitro of uncoated and coated Ti and Ti6Al4V disks
A Bagno, M Genovese, A Luchini, M Dettin, MT Conconi, AM Menti, ...
Biomaterials 25 (12), 2437-2445, 2004
Evidence for the presence of a secondary structure at the dibasic processing site of prohormone: the pro‐ocytocin model.
L Paolillo, M Simonetti, N Brakch, G D'Auria, M Saviano, M Dettin, ...
The EMBO journal 11 (7), 2399-2405, 1992
Synthetic peptides from the principal neutralizing domain of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) enhance HIV-1 infection through a CD4-dependent mechanism
A De Rossi, M Pasti, F Mammano, M Panozzo, M Dettin, C Di Bello, ...
Virology 184 (1), 187-196, 1991
Electrospun scaffolds of self-assembling peptides with poly (ethylene oxide) for bone tissue engineering
P Brun, F Ghezzo, M Roso, R Danesin, G Pal¨, A Bagno, M Modesti, ...
Acta biomaterialia 7 (6), 2526-2532, 2011
Thin films of a self-assembling peptide on TiO2 and Au studied by NEXAFS, XPS and IR spectroscopies
G Polzonetti, C Battocchio, G Iucci, M Dettin, R Gambaretto, C Di Bello, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 26 (5-7), 929-934, 2006
Peptides adsorption on TiO2 and Au: Molecular organization investigated by NEXAFS, XPS and IR
G Iucci, C Battocchio, M Dettin, R Gambaretto, C Di Bello, F Borgatti, ...
Surface Science 601 (18), 3843-3849, 2007
Novel immobilizations of an adhesion peptide on the TiO2 surface: An XPS investigation
G Iucci, M Dettin, C Battocchio, R Gambaretto, C Di Bello, G Polzonetti
Materials Science and Engineering: C 27 (5-8), 1201-1206, 2007
Assessment of novel chemical strategies for covalent attachment of adhesive peptides to rough titanium surfaces: XPS analysis and biological evaluation
M Dettin, T Herath, R Gambaretto, G Iucci, C Battocchio, A Bagno, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of Theá…, 2009
Human Vitronectin–Derived Peptide Covalently Grafted onto Titanium Surface Improves Osteogenic Activity: A Pilot In Vivo Study on Rabbits
A Cacchioli, F Ravanetti, A Bagno, M Dettin, C Gabbi
Tissue Engineering Part A 15 (10), 2917-2926, 2009
SPPS of difficult sequences: A comparison of chemical conditions, synthetic strategies and on‐line monitoring
The Journal of peptide research 49 (1), 103-111, 1997
Self-assembling peptides: A combined XPS and NEXAFS investigation on the structure of two dipeptides Ala–Glu, Ala–Lys
G Polzonetti, C Battocchio, M Dettin, R Gambaretto, C Di Bello, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 28 (2), 309-315, 2008
Binding to CD4 of synthetic peptides patterned on the principal neutralizing domain of the HIV-1 envelope protein
M Autiero, P Abrescia, M Dettin, C Di Bello, J Guardiola
Virology 185 (2), 820-828, 1991
Self-assembling peptide-enriched electrospun polycaprolactone scaffolds promote the h-osteoblast adhesion and modulate differentiation-associated gene expression
R Danesin, P Brun, M Roso, F Delaunay, V Samouillan, K Brunelli, G Iucci, ...
Bone 51 (5), 851-859, 2012
Self‐assembling peptides: Sequence, secondary structure in solution and film formation
R Gambaretto, L Tonin, C Di Bello, M Dettin
Biopolymers: Original Research on Biomolecules 89 (11), 906-915, 2008
Effects on in vitro and in vivo angiogenesis induced by small peptides carrying adhesion sequences
MT Conconi, F Ghezzo, M Dettin, L Urbani, C Grandi, D Guidolin, B Nico, ...
Journal of Peptide Science 16 (7), 349-357, 2010
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