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Metal clusters in chemistry
P Braunstein, LA Oro, PR Raithby
Wiley-VCH, 2000
Phosphoinositide 3-kinase p110β activity: key role in metabolism and mammary gland cancer but not development
E Ciraolo, M Iezzi, R Marone, S Marengo, C Curcio, C Costa, O Azzolino, ...
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Iopamidol as a responsive MRI‐chemical exchange saturation transfer contrast agent for pH mapping of kidneys: in vivo studies in mice at 7 T
DL Longo, W Dastru, G Digilio, J Keupp, S Langereis, S Lanzardo, ...
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High levels of Cre expression in neuronal progenitors cause defects in brain development leading to microencephaly and hydrocephaly
PE Forni, C Scuoppo, I Imayoshi, R Taulli, W Dastru, V Sala, UAK Betz, ...
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Paramagnetic liposomes as innovative contrast agents for magnetic resonance (MR) molecular imaging applications
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New Hyperpolarized Contrast Agents for 13C-MRI from Para-Hydrogenation of Oligooxyethylenic Alkynes
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In vivo MRI multicontrast kinetic analysis of the uptake and intracellular trafficking of paramagnetically labeled liposomes
DD Castelli, W Dastrù, E Terreno, E Cittadino, F Mainini, E Torres, ...
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Curcumin/Gd loaded apoferritin: a novel “theranostic” agent to prevent hepatocellular damage in toxic induced acute hepatitis
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Advances in metal-based probes for MR molecular imaging applications
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Innovative magnetic resonance imaging diagnostic agents based on paramagnetic Gd (III) complexes
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A Novel Application of para H2:  the Reversible Addition/Elimination of H2 at a Ru3 Cluster Revealed by the Enhanced NMR Emission Resonance from …
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Relaxivity modulation in Gd-functionalised mesoporous silicas
F Carniato, L Tei, W Dastrù, L Marchese, M Botta
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Mechanistic and structural studies of electron-deficient quinoline triosmium clusters
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Synthesis and characterization of a novel DTPA-like gadolinium (III) complex: a potential reagent for the determination of glycated proteins by water proton NMR relaxation …
S Aime, M Botta, W Dastru, M Fasano, M Panero, A Arnelli
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Cluster analysis of quantitative parametric maps from DCE-MRI: application in evaluating heterogeneity of tumor response to antiangiogenic treatment
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Novel Synthesis, Solution Structure, Dynamics, and Protonation of H(μ-H)Ru3(CO)11
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Ligand dependent structural changes in the acid–base chemistry of electron deficient benzoheterocycle triosmium clusters
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A R2p/R1p Ratiometric Procedure to Assess Matrix Metalloproteinase‐2 Activity by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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para-Hydrogenation of unsaturated moieties on poly (lysine) derived substrates for the development of novel hyperpolarized MRI contrast agents
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An in vivo model of Met-driven lymphoma as a tool to explore the therapeutic potential of Met inhibitors
P Accornero, G Lattanzio, T Mangano, R Chiarle, R Taulli, F Bersani, ...
Clinical cancer research 14 (7), 2220-2226, 2008
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