Cinzia Giannini
Cinzia Giannini
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Sol–Gel Synthesis and Characterization of Ag and Au Nanoparticles in SiO2, TiO2, and ZrO2 Thin Films
M Epifani, C Giannini, L Tapfer, L Vasanelli
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 83 (10), 2385-2393, 2000
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H Li, M Zanella, A Genovese, M Povia, A Falqui, C Giannini, L Manna
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Nonhydrolytic Synthesis of High-Quality Anisotropically Shaped Brookite TiO2 Nanocrystals
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The impact of the crystallization processes on the structural and optical properties of hybrid perovskite films for photovoltaics
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Heterodimers Based on CoPt3−Au Nanocrystals with Tunable Domain Size
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One-pot synthesis and characterization of size-controlled bimagnetic FePt− Iron oxide heterodimer nanocrystals
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Seeded Growth of Asymmetric Binary Nanocrystals Made of a Semiconductor TiO2 Rodlike Section and a Magnetic γ-Fe2O3 Spherical Domain
R Buonsanti, V Grillo, E Carlino, C Giannini, ML Curri, C Innocenti, ...
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Engineering of bone using bone marrow stromal cells and a silicon-stabilized tricalcium phosphate bioceramic: evidence for a coupling between bone formation and scaffold resorption
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Nature of the band gap of polycrystalline β-FeSi 2 films
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Non-destructive determination of local strain with 100-nanometre spatial resolution
S Di Fonzo, W Jark, S Lagomarsino, C Giannini, L De Caro, A Cedola, ...
Nature 403 (6770), 638-640, 2000
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