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The role of microscaffold properties in controlling the collagen assembly in 3D dermis equivalent using modular tissue engineering
G Imparato, F Urciuolo, C Casale, PA Netti
Biomaterials 34 (32), 7851-7861, 2013
Complementary therapeutic effects of dual delivery of insulin‐like growth factor‐1 and vascular endothelial growth factor by gelatin microspheres in experimental heart failure
A Cittadini, MG Monti, V Petrillo, G Esposito, G Imparato, A Luciani, ...
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Engineered dermal equivalent tissue in vitro by assembly of microtissue precursors
C Palmiero, G Imparato, F Urciuolo, P Netti
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An Engineered Breast Cancer Model on a Chip to Replicate ECM‐Activation In Vitro during Tumor Progression
F Gioiella, F Urciuolo, G Imparato, V Brancato, PA Netti
Advanced healthcare materials 5 (23), 3074-3084, 2016
Non-invasive production of multi-compartmental biodegradable polymer microneedles for controlled intradermal drug release of labile molecules
M Battisti, R Vecchione, C Casale, FA Pennacchio, V Lettera, ...
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 7, 296, 2019
Bioengineered tumoral microtissues recapitulate desmoplastic reaction of pancreatic cancer
V Brancato, V Comunanza, G Imparato, D CorÓ, F Urciuolo, A Noghero, ...
Acta biomaterialia 49, 152-166, 2017
3D breast cancer microtissue reveals the role of tumor microenvironment on the transport and efficacy of free-doxorubicin in vitro
V Brancato, F Gioiella, G Imparato, D Guarnieri, F Urciuolo, PA Netti
Acta biomaterialia 75, 200-212, 2018
3D is not enough: Building up a cell instructive microenvironment for tumoral stroma microtissues
V Brancato, A Garziano, F Gioiella, F Urciuolo, G Imparato, V Panzetta, ...
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Building a tissue in vitro from the bottom up: implications in regenerative medicine
F Urciuolo, G Imparato, A Totaro, PA Netti
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Time and space evolution of transport properties in agarose–chondrocyte constructs
ED Rosa, F Urciuolo, C Borselli, D Gerbasio, G Imparato, PA Netti
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Endogenous human skin equivalent promotes in vitro morphogenesis of follicle-like structures
C Casale, G Imparato, F Urciuolo, PA Netti
Biomaterials 101, 86-95, 2016
Pre-vascularized dermis model for fast and functional anastomosis with host vasculature
C Mazio, C Casale, G Imparato, F Urciuolo, C Attanasio, M De Gregorio, ...
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In vitro activation of the neuro-transduction mechanism in sensitive organotypic human skin model
F Martorina, C Casale, F Urciuolo, PA Netti, G Imparato
Biomaterials 113, 217-229, 2017
Effect of process conditions on the growth of three-dimensional dermal-equivalent tissue obtained by microtissue precursor assembly
F Urciuolo, G Imparato, C Palmiero, A Trilli, PA Netti
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 17 (2), 155-164, 2011
3D tumor microtissues as an in vitro testing platform for microenvironmentally-triggered drug delivery systems
V Brancato, F Gioiella, M Profeta, G Imparato, D Guarnieri, F Urciuolo, ...
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G Imparato, F Urciuolo, PA Netti
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Biophysical properties of dermal building-blocks affect extra cellular matrix assembly in 3D endogenous macrotissue
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Micro-patterned endogenous stroma equivalent induces polarized crypt-villus architecture of human small intestinal epithelium
V De Gregorio, G Imparato, F Urciuolo, PA Netti
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Novel strategies to engineering biological tissue in vitro
F Urciuolo, G Imparato, A Guaccio, B Mele, PA Netti
Nanotechnology in Regenerative Medicine, 223-244, 2012
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