Scott Thomas Retterer
Scott Thomas Retterer
Research Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Brain responses to micro-machined silicon devices
DH Szarowski, MD Andersen, S Retterer, AJ Spence, M Isaacson, ...
Brain research 983 (1-2), 23-35, 2003
Free-standing optical gold bowtie nanoantenna with variable gap size for enhanced Raman spectroscopy
NA Hatab, CH Hsueh, AL Gaddis, ST Retterer, JH Li, G Eres, Z Zhang, ...
Nano letters 10 (12), 4952-4955, 2010
Controlling cellular reactive responses around neural prosthetic devices using peripheral and local intervention strategies
W Shain, L Spataro, J Dilgen, K Haverstick, S Retterer, M Isaacson, ...
IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering 11 (2…, 2003
Dexamethasone treatment reduces astroglia responses to inserted neuroprosthetic devices in rat neocortex
L Spataro, J Dilgen, S Retterer, AJ Spence, M Isaacson, JN Turner, ...
Experimental neurology 194 (2), 289-300, 2005
Surface characterization and functionalization of carbon nanofibers
KL Klein, AV Melechko, TE McKnight, ST Retterer, PD Rack, JD Fowlkes, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (6), 3, 2008
High-resolution PFPE-based molding techniques for nanofabrication of high-pattern density, sub-20 nm features: a fundamental materials approach
SS Williams, S Retterer, R Lopez, R Ruiz, ET Samulski, JM DeSimone
Nano letters 10 (4), 1421-1428, 2010
Model neural prostheses with integrated microfluidics: a potential intervention strategy for controlling reactive cell and tissue responses
ST Retterer, KL Smith, CS Bjornsson, KB Neeves, AJH Spence, JN Turner, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 51 (11), 2063-2073, 2004
Dynamic development of the protein corona on silica nanoparticles: composition and role in toxicity
NP Mortensen, GB Hurst, W Wang, CM Foster, PD Nallathamby, ...
Nanoscale 5 (14), 6372-6380, 2013
Single-and two-phase flow in microfluidic porous media analogs based on Voronoi tessellation
M Wu, F Xiao, RM Johnson-Paben, ST Retterer, X Yin, KB Neeves
Lab on a Chip 12 (2), 253-261, 2012
On-chip micro-biosensor for the detection of human CD4+ cells based on AC impedance and optical analysis
NN Mishra, S Retterer, TJ Zieziulewicz, M Isaacson, D Szarowski, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 21 (5), 696-704, 2005
Controlling condensation and frost growth with chemical micropatterns
JB Boreyko, RR Hansen, KR Murphy, S Nath, ST Retterer, CP Collier
Scientific reports 6, 19131, 2016
Tailored silicon nanopost arrays for resonant nanophotonic ion production
BN Walker, JA Stolee, DL Pickel, ST Retterer, A Vertes
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (11), 4835-4840, 2010
Nanofabricated periodic arrays of silver elliptical discs as SERS substrates
JM Oran, RJ Hinde, N Abu Hatab, ST Retterer, MJ Sepaniak
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy: An International Journal for Original Work in…, 2008
Self-propelled sweeping removal of dropwise condensate
X Qu, JB Boreyko, F Liu, RL Agapov, NV Lavrik, ST Retterer, JJ Feng, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (22), 221601, 2015
Diffusive dynamics of nanoparticles in arrays of nanoposts
K He, F Babaye Khorasani, ST Retterer, DK Thomas, JC Conrad, ...
ACS nano 7 (6), 5122-5130, 2013
Impacts of surface morphology on ion desorption and ionization in desorption ionization on porous silicon (DIOS) mass spectrometry
Y Xiao, ST Retterer, DK Thomas, JY Tao, L He
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (8), 3076-3083, 2009
Characterization and detection of uranyl ion sorption on silver surfaces using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
D Bhandari, SM Wells, ST Retterer, MJ Sepaniak
Analytical chemistry 81 (19), 8061-8067, 2009
Selective Patterned Growth of Single‐Crystal Ag–TCNQ Nanowires for Devices by Vapor–Solid Chemical Reaction
K Xiao, J Tao, AA Puretzky, IN Ivanov, ST Retterer, SJ Pennycook, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 18 (19), 3043-3048, 2008
Discovery of true electrochemical reactions for ultrahigh catalyst mass activity in water splitting
J Mo, Z Kang, ST Retterer, DA Cullen, TJ Toops, JB Green, MM Mench, ...
Science advances 2 (11), e1600690, 2016
Grating couplers on porous silicon planar waveguides for sensing applications
X Wei, C Kang, M Liscidini, G Rong, ST Retterer, M Patrini, JE Sipe, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 104 (12), 123113, 2008
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