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Glucose restriction inhibits skeletal myoblast differentiation by activating SIRT1 through AMPK-mediated regulation of Nampt
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Sir2 regulates skeletal muscle differentiation as a potential sensor of the redox state
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Twist is a potential oncogene that inhibits apoptosis
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The Polycomb Ezh2 methyltransferase regulates muscle gene expression and skeletal muscle differentiation
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Regulation of histone acetyltransferases p300 and PCAF by the bHLH protein twist and adenoviral oncoprotein E1A
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Molecular mechanisms of myogenic coactivation by p300: direct interaction with the activation domain of MyoD and with the MADS box of MEF2C.
V Sartorelli, J Huang, Y Hamamori, L Kedes
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Acetylation of MyoD directed by PCAF is necessary for the execution of the muscle program
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Regulation of the p300 HAT domain via a novel activation loop
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DNA damage-dependent acetylation of p73 dictates the selective activation of apoptotic target genes
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eRNAs promote transcription by establishing chromatin accessibility at defined genomic loci
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Mir-214-dependent regulation of the polycomb protein Ezh2 in skeletal muscle and embryonic stem cells
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Muscle-specific expression of the cardiac alpha-actin gene requires MyoD1, CArG-box binding factor, and Sp1.
V Sartorelli, KA Webster, L Kedes
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Regulation of muscle regulatory factors by DNA‐binding, interacting proteins, and post‐transcriptional modifications
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TNF/p38α/polycomb signaling to Pax7 locus in satellite cells links inflammation to the epigenetic control of muscle regeneration
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Functional and morphological recovery of dystrophic muscles in mice treated with deacetylase inhibitors
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Nuclear envelope dystrophies show a transcriptional fingerprint suggesting disruption of Rb–MyoD pathways in muscle regeneration
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STATs shape the active enhancer landscape of T cell populations
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Interactome maps of mouse gene regulatory domains reveal basic principles of transcriptional regulation
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BACH2 represses effector programs to stabilize Treg-mediated immune homeostasis
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Nature 498 (7455), 506-510, 2013
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