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Detecting communities in large networks
A Capocci, VDP Servedio, G Caldarelli, F Colaiori
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 352 (2-4), 669-676, 2005
Preferential attachment in the growth of social networks: The internet encyclopedia Wikipedia
A Capocci, VDP Servedio, F Colaiori, LS Buriol, D Donato, S Leonardi, ...
Physical review E 74 (3), 036116, 2006
Network properties of folksonomies
C Cattuto, C Schmitz, A Baldassarri, VDP Servedio, V Loreto, A Hotho, ...
Ai Communications 20 (4), 245-262, 2007
The scale-free topology of market investments
D Garlaschelli, S Battiston, M Castri, VDP Servedio, G Caldarelli
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 350 (2-4), 491-499, 2005
Folksonomies, the semantic web, and movie recommendation
M Szomszor, C Cattuto, H Alani, K O’Hara, A Baldassarri, V Loreto, ...
Vertex intrinsic fitness: How to produce arbitrary scale-free networks
VDP Servedio, G Caldarelli, P Butta
Physical Review E 70 (5), 056126, 2004
Relativistic density functional approach to open shells
H Eschrig, VDP Servedio
Journal of Computational Chemistry 20 (1), 23-30, 1999
The dynamics of correlated novelties
F Tria, V Loreto, VDP Servedio, SH Strogatz
Scientific reports 4, 5890, 2014
Emergent community structure in social tagging systems
C Cattuto, A Baldassarri, VDP Servedio, V Loreto
Advances in Complex Systems 11 (04), 597-608, 2008
Awareness and learning in participatory noise sensing
M Becker, S Caminiti, D Fiorella, L Francis, P Gravino, MM Haklay, ...
PloS one 8 (12), e81638, 2013
Vocabulary growth in collaborative tagging systems
C Cattuto, A Baldassarri, VDP Servedio, V Loreto
arXiv preprint arXiv:0704.3316, 2007
Electronic structure of Mg: From monolayers to bulk
F Schiller, M Heber, VDP Servedio, C Laubschat
Physical Review B 70 (12), 125106, 2004
Opinion dynamics: models, extensions and external effects
A Sîrbu, V Loreto, VDP Servedio, F Tria
Participatory sensing, opinions and collective awareness, 363-401, 2017
Cooper minima in the photoemission spectra of solids
SL Molodtsov, SV Halilov, VDP Servedio, W Schneider, S Danzenbächer, ...
Physical review letters 85 (19), 4184, 2000
Electronic structure: Wide-band, narrow-band, and strongly correlated systems
PA Metcalf, BC Crooker, M McElfresh, Z Ka̧kol, JM Honig, C Calandra, ...
Semiconductors 50 (4), 1994
Dynamics on expanding spaces: modeling the emergence of novelties
V Loreto, VDP Servedio, SH Strogatz, F Tria
Creativity and universality in language, 59-83, 2016
A Yule-Simon process with memory
C Cattuto, V Loreto, VDP Servedio
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 76 (2), 208, 2006
Complex structures and semantics in free word association
P Gravino, VDP Servedio, A Barrat, V Loreto
Advances in Complex Systems 15 (03n04), 1250054, 2012
Wave-vector dependent intensity variations of the Kondo peak in photoemission from CePd 3
S Danzenbächer, Y Kucherenko, M Heber, DV Vyalikh, SL Molodtsov, ...
Physical Review B 72 (3), 033104, 2005
Structural disorder and anomalous diffusion in random packing of spheres
M Palombo, A Gabrielli, VDP Servedio, G Ruocco, S Capuani
Scientific reports 3, 2631, 2013
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