Gabriele Bianca
Gabriele Bianca
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, GrapheneLabs
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Liquid-Phase Exfoliation of Bismuth Telluride Iodide (BiTeI): Structural and Optical Properties of Single-/Few-Layer Flakes
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Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2023
Nickel–Iron Layered Double Hydroxide Dispersions in Ethanol Stabilized by Acetate Anions
M Piccinni, S Bellani, G Bianca, F Bonaccorso
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Graphene vs. carbon black supports for Pt nanoparticles: towards next-generation cathodes for advanced alkaline electrolyzers
MI Zappia, V Mastronardi, S Bellani, Y Zuo, G Bianca, L Gabatel, ...
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Sustainable Energy & Fuels 6 (23), 5345-5359, 2022
Solution-processed photoelectrochemical (PEC)-type photodetectors based on layered GaSe and GeSe nanoflakes
G Bianca
Two–Dimensional GaSe and GeSe Nanoflakes for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting and (PEC)-Type Photodetectors
G Bianca
Liquid-phase exfoliated GeSe nanoflakes for photoelectrochemical-type photodetectors
G Bianca
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