Michele Muccini
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A bright future for organic field-effect transistors
M Muccini
Nature materials 5 (8), 605-613, 2006
Correlation between Molecular Packing and Optical Properties in Different Crystalline Polymorphs and Amorphous Thin Films of mer-Tris(8-hydroxyquinoline …
M Brinkmann, G Gadret, M Muccini, C Taliani, N Masciocchi, A Sironi
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R Capelli, S Toffanin, G Generali, H Usta, A Facchetti, M Muccini
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High‐mobility ambipolar transport in organic light‐emitting transistors
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V Benfenati, S Toffanin, S Bonetti, G Turatti, A Pistone, M Chiappalone, ...
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Blue Luminescence of Facial Tris(quinolin‐8‐olato)aluminum(III) in Solution, Crystals, and Thin Films
M Muccini, MA Loi, K Kenevey, R Zamboni, N Masciocchi, A Sironi
Advanced materials 16 (11), 861-864, 2004
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