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Philippe Sautet
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Use of DFT to achieve a rational understanding of acid–basic properties of γ-alumina surfaces
M Digne, P Sautet, P Raybaud, P Euzen, H Toulhoat
Journal of Catalysis 226 (1), 54-68, 2004
Hydroxyl groups on γ-alumina surfaces: a DFT study
M Digne, P Sautet, P Raybaud, P Euzen, H Toulhoat
Journal of Catalysis 211 (1), 1-5, 2002
Competitive C C and C O Adsorption of α-β-Unsaturated Aldehydes on Pt and Pd Surfaces in Relation with the Selectivity of Hydrogenation Reactions: A Theoretical Approach
F Delbecq, P Sautet
Journal of Catalysis 152 (2), 217-236, 1995
Finding optimal surface sites on heterogeneous catalysts by counting nearest neighbors
F Calle-Vallejo, J Tymoczko, V Colic, QH Vu, MD Pohl, K Morgenstern, ...
Science 350 (6257), 185-189, 2015
Calculation of the benzene on rhodium STM images
P Sautet, C Joachim
Chemical Physics Letters 185 (1-2), 23-30, 1991
Significance of single-electron energies for the description of CO on Pt (111)
G Kresse, A Gil, P Sautet
Physical Review B 68 (7), 073401, 2003
Introducing structural sensitivity into adsorption–energy scaling relations by means of coordination numbers
F Calle-Vallejo, D Loffreda, MTM Koper, P Sautet
Nature chemistry 7 (5), 403, 2015
Images of adsorbates with the scanning tunneling microscope: theoretical approaches to the contrast mechanism
P Sautet
Chemical reviews 97 (4), 1097-1116, 1997
Stability and Reactivity of ϵ−χ−θ Iron Carbide Catalyst Phases in Fischer−Tropsch Synthesis: Controlling μC
E de Smit, F Cinquini, AM Beale, OV Safonova, W van Beek, P Sautet, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (42), 14928-14941, 2010
Structure and stability of aluminum hydroxides: a theoretical study
M Digne, P Sautet, P Raybaud, H Toulhoat, E Artacho
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (20), 5155-5162, 2002
Electronic transmission coefficient for the single-impurity problem in the scattering-matrix approach
P Sautet, C Joachim
Physical Review B 38 (17), 12238, 1988
Efficient method for the simulation of STM images. I. Generalized Green-function formalism
J Cerd, MA Van Hove, P Sautet, M Salmeron
Physical Review B 56 (24), 15885, 1997
Hydrogen adsorption on palladium: a comparative theoretical study of different surfaces
W Dong, V Ledentu, P Sautet, A Eichler, J Hafner
Surface science 411 (1-2), 123-136, 1998
Electronic interference produced by a benzene embedded in a polyacetylene chain
P Sautet, C Joachim
Chemical physics letters 153 (6), 511-516, 1988
Dependence of stretching frequency on surface coverage and adsorbate–adsorbate interactions: a density-functional theory approach of CO on Pd (111)
D Loffreda, D Simon, P Sautet
Surface science 425 (1), 68-80, 1999
Viscoelastic and electrical properties of self-assembled monolayers on gold (111) films
M Salmeron, G Neubauer, A Folch, M Tomitori, DF Ogletree, P Sautet
Langmuir 9 (12), 3600-3611, 1993
Measurement of branching fractions for exclusive B decays to charmonium final states
B Aubert, D Boutigny, JM Gaillard, A Hicheur, Y Karyotakis, JP Lees, ...
Physical Review D 65 (3), 032001, 2002
Site preference of CO chemisorbed on Pt (1 1 1) from density functional calculations
A Gil, A Clotet, JM Ricart, G Kresse, M Garcıa-Hernndez, N Rsch, ...
Surface science 530 (1-2), 71-87, 2003
Molecular and dissociative chemisorption of NO on palladium and rhodium (100) and (111) surfaces: A density-functional periodic study
D Loffreda, D Simon, P Sautet
The Journal of chemical physics 108 (15), 6447-6457, 1998
Fast prediction of adsorption properties for platinum nanocatalysts with generalized coordination numbers
F Calle‐Vallejo, JI Martnez, JM Garca‐Lastra, P Sautet, D Loffreda
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (32), 8316-8319, 2014
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