Andrei Vescan
Andrei Vescan
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12 W/mm AlGaN-GaN HFETs on silicon substrates
JW Johnson, EL Piner, A Vescan, R Therrien, P Rajagopal, JC Roberts, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 25 (7), 459-461, 2004
Current instabilities in GaN-based devices
I Daumiller, D Theron, C Gaquiere, A Vescan, R Dietrich, A Wieszt, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 22 (2), 62-64, 2001
Gallium nitride material devices including an electrode-defining layer and methods of forming the same
JW Johnson, RJ Therrien, A Vescan, JD Brown
US Patent 7,071,498, 2006
AlGaN/GaN HFETs fabricated on 100-mm GaN on silicon (111) substrates
JD Brown, R Borges, E Piner, A Vescan, S Singhal, R Therrien
Solid-State Electronics 46 (10), 1535-1539, 2002
Diamond surface-channel FET structure with 200 V breakdown voltage
P Gluche, A Aleksov, A Vescan, W Ebert, E Kohn
IEEE Electron Device Letters 18 (11), 547-549, 1997
Investigation of trapping effects in AlGaN/GaN/Si field-effect transistors by frequency dependent capacitance and conductance analysis
R Stoklas, D Gregušov, J Novk, A Vescan, P Kordoš
Applied Physics Letters 93 (12), 124103, 2008
Heat-spreading diamond films for GaN-based high-power transistor devices
M Seelmann-Eggebert, P Meisen, F Schaudel, P Koidl, A Vescan, H Leier
Diamond and Related Materials 10 (3-7), 744-749, 2001
Diamond junction FETs based on δ-doped channels
A Aleksov, A Vescan, M Kunze, P Gluche, W Ebert, E Kohn, A Bergmeier, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 8 (2-5), 941-945, 1999
Very high temperature operation of diamond Schottky diode
A Vescan, I Daumiller, P Gluche, W Ebert, E Kohn
IEEE Electron Device Letters 18 (11), 556-558, 1997
High temperature, high voltage operation of diamond Schottky diode
A Vescan, I Daumiller, P Gluche, W Ebert, E Kohn
Diamond and related materials 7 (2-5), 581-584, 1998
Study on quaternary AlInGaN/GaN HFETs grown on sapphire substrates
N Ketteniss, LR Khoshroo, M Eickelkamp, M Heuken, H Kalisch, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 25 (7), 075013, 2010
Diamond diodes and transistors
A Aleksov, A Denisenko, M Kunze, A Vescan, A Bergmaier, G Dollinger, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 18 (3), S59, 2003
Recessed-gate enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors on Si with record DC performance
H Hahn, G Lkens, N Ketteniss, H Kalisch, A Vescan
Applied Physics Express 4 (11), 114102, 2011
Material, process, and device development of GaN-based HFETs on silicon substrates
JW Johnson, J Gao, K Lucht, J Williamson, C Strautin, J Riddle, ...
Electrochemical Society Proceedings 6 (405), 2004, 2004
Small signal and power measurements of AlGaN/GaN HEMT with SiN passivation
JS Lee, A Vescan, A Wieszt, R Dietrich, H Leier, YS Kwon
Electronics Letters 37 (2), 130-131, 2001
High-voltage Schottky diode on epitaxial diamond layer
W Ebert, A Vescan, P Gluche, T Borst, E Kohn
Diamond and Related Materials 6 (2-4), 329-332, 1997
High-temperature, high-voltage operation of pulse-doped diamond MESFET
A Vescan, P Gluche, W Ebert, E Kohn
IEEE Electron Device Letters 18 (5), 222-224, 1997
Gallium nitride material transistors and methods associated with the same
WH Nagy, RM Borges, JD Brown, AD Chaudhari, JW Cook Jr, ...
US Patent 7,135,720, 2006
δ-Doping in diamond
M Kunze, A Vescan, G Dollinger, A Bergmaier, E Kohn
Carbon 37 (5), 787-791, 1999
High current p/p/sup+/-diamond Schottky diode
W Ebert, A Vescan, TH Borst, E Kohn
IEEE electron device letters 15 (8), 289-291, 1994
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