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Tolperisone-type drugs inhibit spinal reflexes via blockade of voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels
P Kocsis, S Farkas, L Fodor, N Bielik, M Thán, S Kolok, A Gere, M Csejtei, ...
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 315 (3), 1237-1246, 2005
Tumor volume estimation and quasi-continuous administration for most effective bevacizumab therapy
J Sápi, L Kovács, DA Drexler, P Kocsis, D Gajári, Z Sápi
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Blockers of voltage-gated sodium channels for the treatment of central nervous system diseases
I Tarnawa, H Bolcskei, P Kocsis
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Simple pharmacological test battery to assess efficacy and side effect profile of centrally acting muscle relaxant drugs
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Estradiol and isotype-selective estrogen receptor agonists modulate the mesocortical dopaminergic system in gonadectomized female rats
M Sárvári, L Deli, P Kocsis, L Márk, G Maász, E Hrabovszky, I Kalló, ...
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NR2B containing NMDA receptor dependent windup of single spinal neurons
G Kovács, P Kocsis, I Tarnawa, C Horváth, Z Szombathelyi, S Farkas
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Central sensitization-related changes of effective and functional connectivity in the rat inflammatory trigeminal pain model
T Spisák, Z Pozsgay, C Aranyi, S Dávid, P Kocsis, G Nyitrai, D Gajári, ...
Neuroscience 344, 133-147, 2017
Comparative characterisation of the centrally acting muscle relaxant RGH-5002 and tolperisone and of lidocaine based on their effects on rat spinal cord in vitro.
S Farkas, P Kocsis, N Bielik
Neurobiology (Budapest, Hungary) 5 (1), 57-58, 1997
Ghrelin modulates the fMRI BOLD response of homeostatic and hedonic brain centers regulating energy balance in the rat
M Sarvari, P Kocsis, L Deli, D Gajari, S David, Z Pozsgay, N Hegedűs, ...
PLoS One 9 (5), e97651, 2014
Vascular action as the primary mechanism of cognitive effects of cholinergic, CNS-acting drugs, a rat phMRI BOLD study
P Kocsis, I Gyertyán, J Éles, J Laszy, N Hegedüs, D Gajári, L Deli, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 34 (6), 995-1000, 2014
Mydeton: a centrally acting muscle relaxant drug from Gedeon Richter LTD
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Effect of tolperisone on the resting brain and on evoked responses, an phMRI BOLD study
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Concerted action of antiepileptic and antidepressant agents to depress spinal neurotransmission: Possible use in the therapy of spasticity and chronic pain
M Thán, P Kocsis, K Tihanyi, L Fodor, B Farkas, G Kovács, Á Kis-Varga, ...
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Voltage-gated sodium channel blockers, 2001-2006: An overview
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Participation of AMPA-and NMDA-type excitatory amino acid receptors in the spinal reflex transmission, in rat
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Scopolamine provocation-based pharmacological MRI model for testing procognitive agents
N Hegedűs, J Laszy, I Gyertyán, P Kocsis, D Gajári, S Dávid, L Deli, ...
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Effect of glutamate receptor antagonists on excitatory postsynaptic potentials in striatum
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Analysis of the mechanism of action, relationship between pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of silperisone, a new centrally acting muscle relaxant
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NR2B receptors are involved in the mediation of spinal segmental reflex potentials but not in the cumulative motoneuronal depolarization in vitro
P Kocsis, G Kovács, S Farkas, C Horváth, Z Szombathelyi, I Tarnawa
Brain research bulletin 64 (2), 133-138, 2004
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