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Chronic inflammation in the etiology of disease across the life span
D Furman, J Campisi, E Verdin, P Carrera-Bastos, S Targ, C Franceschi, ...
Nature medicine 25 (12), 1822-1832, 2019
Update on EPA’s ToxCast program: providing high throughput decision support tools for chemical risk management
R Kavlock, K Chandler, K Houck, S Hunter, R Judson, N Kleinstreuer, ...
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Assessing the carcinogenic potential of low-dose exposures to chemical mixtures in the environment: the challenge ahead
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Zebrafish developmental screening of the ToxCast™ Phase I chemical library
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Editor's Highlight: Analysis of the Effects of Cell Stress and Cytotoxicity on In Vitro Assay Activity Across a Diverse Chemical and Assay Space
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Screening chemicals for estrogen receptor bioactivity using a computational model
P Browne, RS Judson, WM Casey, NC Kleinstreuer, RS Thomas
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In vitro to in vivo extrapolation for high throughput prioritization and decision making
SM Bell, X Chang, JF Wambaugh, DG Allen, M Bartels, KLR Brouwer, ...
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Predictive models of prenatal developmental toxicity from ToxCast high-throughput screening data
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Phenotypic screening of the ToxCast chemical library to classify toxic and therapeutic mechanisms
NC Kleinstreuer, J Yang, EL Berg, TB Knudsen, AM Richard, MT Martin, ...
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T4 report: Toward good read-across practice (GRAP) guidance
N Ball, MTD Cronin, J Shen, K Blackburn, ED Booth, M Bouhifd, E Donley, ...
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Development and validation of a computational model for androgen receptor activity
NC Kleinstreuer, P Ceger, ED Watt, M Martin, K Houck, P Browne, ...
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Integrated Testing Strategies (ITS) for safety assessment.
C Rovida, N Alpe, AM Api, DA Basketter, F y Bois, F Caloni, E Corsini, ...
ALTEX-Alternatives to Animal Experimentations 32 (1), 25-40, 2015
Non-animal methods to predict skin sensitization (II): an assessment of defined approaches
NC Kleinstreuer, S Hoffmann, N Alpe, D Allen, T Ashikaga, W Casey, ...
Critical reviews in toxicology 48 (5), 359-374, 2018
Non-animal methods to predict skin sensitization (I): the Cosmetics Europe database
S Hoffmann, N Kleinstreuer, N Alpe, D Allen, AM Api, T Ashikaga, ...
Critical reviews in toxicology 48 (5), 344-358, 2018
Activity profiles of 309 ToxCast™ chemicals evaluated across 292 biochemical targets
TB Knudsen, KA Houck, NS Sipes, AV Singh, RS Judson, MT Martin, ...
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In silico prediction of physicochemical properties of environmental chemicals using molecular fingerprints and machine learning
Q Zang, K Mansouri, AJ Williams, RS Judson, DG Allen, WM Casey, ...
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CoMPARA: collaborative modeling project for androgen receptor activity
K Mansouri, N Kleinstreuer, AM Abdelaziz, D Alberga, VM Alves, ...
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Environmental impact on vascular development predicted by high-throughput screening
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An evaluation framework for new approach methodologies (NAMs) for human health safety assessment
ST Parish, M Aschner, W Casey, M Corvaro, MR Embry, S Fitzpatrick, ...
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Open-source QSAR models for pKa prediction using multiple machine learning approaches
K Mansouri, NF Cariello, A Korotcov, V Tkachenko, CM Grulke, ...
Journal of Cheminformatics 11, 1-20, 2019
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