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Mechanistic insight into the cellular uptake and processing of cisplatin 30 years after its approval by FDA
F Arnesano, G Natile
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 253 (15-16), 2070-2081, 2009
Metallochaperones and metal-transporting ATPases: a comparative analysis of sequences and structures
F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, S Ciofi-Baffoni, E Molteni, DL Huffman, ...
Genome research 12 (2), 255-271, 2002
The unusually stable quaternary structure of human Cu, Zn-superoxide dismutase 1 is controlled by both metal occupancy and disulfide status
F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, M Martinelli, Y Furukawa, TV O'Halloran
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A redox switch in CopC: an intriguing copper trafficking protein that binds copper (I) and copper (II) at different sites
F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, S Mangani, AR Thompsett
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Solution Structure of the Cu(I) and Apo Forms of the Yeast Metallochaperone, Atx1,
F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, DL Huffman, TV O'Halloran
Biochemistry 40 (6), 1528-1539, 2001
Characterization of the Binding Interface between the Copper Chaperone Atx1 and the First Cytosolic Domain of Ccc2 ATPase* 210
F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, F Cantini, S Ciofi-Baffoni, DL Huffman, ...
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Folding studies of Cox17 reveal an important interplay of cysteine oxidation and copper binding
F Arnesano, E Balatri, L Banci, I Bertini, DR Winge
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Probing the interaction of cisplatin with the human copper chaperone Atox1 by solution and in-cell NMR spectroscopy
F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, IC Felli, M Losacco, G Natile
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Interaction between platinum complexes and a methionine motif found in copper transport proteins
F Arnesano, S Scintilla, G Natile
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F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, AR Thompsett
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A Strategy for the NMR Characterization of Type II Copper(II) Proteins:  the Case of the Copper Trafficking Protein CopC from Pseudomonas Syringae
F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, IC Felli, C Luchinat, AR Thompsett
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (24), 7200-7208, 2003
Translocation of platinum anticancer drugs by human copper ATPases ATP7A and ATP7B
F Tadini‐Buoninsegni, G Bartolommei, MR Moncelli, G Inesi, A Galliani, ...
Angewandte Chemie 126 (5), 1321-1325, 2014
Heavy metals toxicity: effect of cadmium ions on amyloid beta protein 1–42. Possible implications for Alzheimer’s disease
G Notarachille, F Arnesano, V Cal, D Meleleo
Biometals 27, 371-388, 2014
The Solution Structure of Oxidized Rat Microsomal Cytochrome b5,
F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, IC Felli
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NMR structures of paramagnetic metalloproteins
F Arnesano, L Banci, M Piccioli
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F Arnesano, L Banci, I Bertini, J Faraone-Mennella, A Rosato, PD Barker, ...
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Intranasal delivery of dopamine to the striatum using glycol chitosan/sulfobutylether-β-cyclodextrin based nanoparticles
S Di Gioia, A Trapani, D Mandracchia, E De Giglio, S Cometa, V Mangini, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 94, 180-193, 2015
C60@Lysozyme: Direct Observation by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of a 1:1 Fullerene Protein Adduct
M Calvaresi, F Arnesano, S Bonacchi, A Bottoni, V Calo, S Conte, G Falini, ...
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" Platinum on the road": Interactions of antitumoral cisplatin with proteins
F Arnesano, G Natile
Pure and Applied Chemistry 80 (12), 2715-2725, 2008
An updated view of cisplatin transport
F Arnesano, M Losacco, G Natile
European journal of inorganic chemistry 2013 (15), 2701-2711, 2013
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