Jonathan R. Dimmock
Jonathan R. Dimmock
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Anticonvulsant properties of various acetylhydrazones, oxamoylhydrazones and semicarbazones derived from aromatic and unsaturated carbonyl compounds
JR Dimmock, SC Vashishtha, JP Stables
European journal of medicinal chemistry 35 (2), 241-248, 2000
A Conformational and Structure−Activity Relationship Study of Cytotoxic 3,5-Bis(arylidene)-4-piperidones and Related N-Acryloyl Analogues
JR Dimmock, MP Padmanilayam, RN Puthucode, AJ Nazarali, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 44 (4), 586-593, 2001
(Aryloxy) aryl semicarbazones and related compounds: a novel class of anticonvulsant agents possessing high activity in the maximal electroshock screen
JR Dimmock, RN Puthucode, JM Smith, M Hetherington, JW Quail, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 39 (20), 3984-3997, 1996
Cytotoxic activities of Mannich bases of chalcones and related compounds
JR Dimmock, NM Kandepu, M Hetherington, JW Quail, U Pugazhenthi, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 41 (7), 1014-1026, 1998
Anticancer and cytotoxic properties of Mannich bases
JR Dimmock, P Kumar
Current medicinal chemistry 4 (1), 1-22, 1997
Recent evaluations of thiosemicarbazones and semicarbazones and related compounds for antineoplastic and anticonvulsant activities
SN Pandeya, JR Dimmock
Die Pharmazie 48 (9), 659-666, 1993
Evaluation of the semicarbazones, thiosemicarbazones and bis-carbohydrazones of some aryl alicycylic ketones for anticonvulsant and other biological propertie
JR Dimmock, SN Pandeya, JW Quail, U Pugazhenthi, TM Allen, GY Kao, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 30 (4), 303-314, 1995
Conformational and quantitative structure− activity relationship study of cytotoxic 2-arylidenebenzocycloalkanones
JR Dimmock, NM Kandepu, AJ Nazarali, TP Kowalchuk, N Motaganahalli, ...
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 42 (8), 1358-1366, 1999
Some aryl semicarbazones possessing anticonvulsant activitie
JR Dimmock, KK Sidhu, SD Tumber, SK Basran, M Chen, JW Quail, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 30 (4), 287-301, 1995
1-p-Chlorophenyl-4, 4-dimethyl-5-diethylamino-1-penten-3-one hydrobromide, a sulfhydryl-specific compound which reacts irreversibly with protein thiols but reversibly with…
B Mutus, JD Wagner, CJ Talpas, JR Dimmock, OA Phillips, RS Reid
Analytical biochemistry 177 (2), 237-243, 1989
Cytotoxic analogues of 2, 6-bis (arylidene) cyclohexanones
JR Dimmock, MP Padmanilayam, GA Zello, KH Nienaber, TM Allen, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 38 (2), 169-177, 2003
Cytotoxic 3, 5-bis (benzylidene) piperidin-4-ones and N-acyl analogs displaying selective toxicity for malignant cells
HN Pati, U Das, JW Quail, M Kawase, H Sakagami, JR Dimmock
European journal of medicinal chemistry 43 (1), 1-7, 2008
Design, synthesis and cytotoxic properties of novel 1-[4-(2-alkylaminoethoxy) phenylcarbonyl]-3, 5-bis (arylidene)-4-piperidones and related compounds
U Das, J Alcorn, A Shrivastav, RK Sharma, E De Clercq, J Balzarini, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 42 (1), 71-80, 2007
Antileukemic evaluation of some Mannich bases derived from 2-arylidene-1, 3-diketones
JR Dimmock, L BM, B GE
Anticonvulsant activities of some arylsemicarbazones displaying potent oral activity in the maximal electroshock screen in rats accompanied by high protection indices
JR Dimmock, KK Sidhu, RS Thayer, P Mack, MJ Duffy, RS Reid, JW Quail, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 36 (16), 2243-2252, 1993
Potential role of N-myristoyltransferase in cancer
P Selvakumar, A Lakshmikuttyamma, A Shrivastav, SB Das, JR Dimmock, ...
Progress in lipid research 46 (1), 1-36, 2007
Cytotoxic thiol alkylators
HN Pati, U Das, RK Sharma, JR Dimmock
Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 7 (2), 131-139, 2007
Evaluation of Mannich bases of 2-arylidene-1, 3-diketones versus murine P388 leukemia
JR Dimmock, SK Raghavan, GE Bigam
European journal of medicinal chemistry 23 (2), 111-117, 1988
Evaluation of some Mannich bases of cycloalkanones and related compounds for cytotoxic activity
JR Dimmock, KK Sidhu, M Chen, RS Reid, TM Allen, GY Kao, GA Truitt
European journal of medicinal chemistry 28 (4), 313-322, 1993
Cytotoxic 2, 6-bis (arylidene) cyclohexanones and related compounds
JR Dimmock, P Kumar, AJ Nazarali, NL Motaganahalli, TP Kowalchuk, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 35 (11), 967-977, 2000
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