Michael Knap
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Anomalous diffusion and griffiths effects near the many-body localization transition
K Agarwal, S Gopalakrishnan, M Knap, M Müller, E Demler
Physical review letters 114 (16), 160401, 2015
Many-body localization in dipolar systems
NY Yao, CR Laumann, S Gopalakrishnan, M Knap, M Mueller, EA Demler, ...
Physical review letters 113 (24), 243002, 2014
Interferometric probes of many-body localization
M Serbyn, M Knap, S Gopalakrishnan, Z Papić, NY Yao, CR Laumann, ...
Physical review letters 113 (14), 147204, 2014
Periodically driving a many-body localized quantum system
P Bordia, H Lüschen, U Schneider, M Knap, I Bloch
Nature Physics 13 (5), 460, 2017
Low-frequency conductivity in many-body localized systems
S Gopalakrishnan, M Müller, V Khemani, M Knap, E Demler, DA Huse
Physical Review B 92 (10), 104202, 2015
Time-dependent impurity in ultracold fermions: Orthogonality catastrophe and beyond
M Knap, A Shashi, Y Nishida, A Imambekov, DA Abanin, E Demler
Physical Review X 2 (4), 041020, 2012
Far-from-equilibrium spin transport in Heisenberg quantum magnets
S Hild, T Fukuhara, P Schauß, J Zeiher, M Knap, E Demler, I Bloch, ...
Physical review letters 113 (14), 147205, 2014
Ultrafast many-body interferometry of impurities coupled to a Fermi sea
M Cetina, M Jag, RS Lous, I Fritsche, JTM Walraven, R Grimm, J Levinsen, ...
Science 354 (6308), 96-99, 2016
Scrambling and thermalization in a diffusive quantum many-body system
A Bohrdt, CB Mendl, M Endres, M Knap
New Journal of Physics 19 (6), 063001, 2017
Probing slow relaxation and many-body localization in two-dimensional quasiperiodic systems
P Bordia, H Lüschen, S Scherg, S Gopalakrishnan, M Knap, U Schneider, ...
Physical Review X 7 (4), 041047, 2017
Rare‐region effects and dynamics near the many‐body localization transition
K Agarwal, E Altman, E Demler, S Gopalakrishnan, DA Huse, M Knap
Annalen der Physik 529 (7), 1600326, 2017
Probing real-space and time-resolved correlation functions with many-body Ramsey interferometry
M Knap, A Kantian, T Giamarchi, I Bloch, MD Lukin, E Demler
Physical review letters 111 (14), 147205, 2013
Prethermal floquet steady states and instabilities in the periodically driven, weakly interacting bose-hubbard model
M Bukov, S Gopalakrishnan, M Knap, E Demler
Physical review letters 115 (20), 205301, 2015
Griffiths effects and slow dynamics in nearly many-body localized systems
S Gopalakrishnan, K Agarwal, EA Demler, DA Huse, M Knap
Physical Review B 93 (13), 134206, 2016
Dynamical Cooper pairing in nonequilibrium electron-phonon systems
M Knap, M Babadi, G Refael, I Martin, E Demler
Physical Review B 94 (21), 214504, 2016
Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory: An auxiliary quantum master equation approach
E Arrigoni, M Knap, W von der Linden
Physical review letters 110 (8), 086403, 2013
Dynamical quantum phase transitions in spin chains with long-range interactions: Merging different concepts of nonequilibrium criticality
B Žunkovič, M Heyl, M Knap, A Silva
Physical review letters 120 (13), 130601, 2018
Emission characteristics of laser-driven dissipative coupled-cavity systems
M Knap, E Arrigoni, W von der Linden, JH Cole
Physical Review A 83 (2), 023821, 2011
Exploring dynamical phase transitions and prethermalization with quantum noise of excitations
P Smacchia, M Knap, E Demler, A Silva
Physical Review B 91 (20), 205136, 2015
Bloch oscillations in the absence of a lattice
F Meinert, M Knap, E Kirilov, K Jag-Lauber, MB Zvonarev, E Demler, ...
Science 356 (6341), 945-948, 2017
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