Giovanni Drera
Giovanni Drera
Ricercatore, università Cattolica di Brescia
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Enhancing the sensitivity of chemiresistor gas sensors based on pristine carbon nanotubes to detect low-ppb ammonia concentrations in the environment
F Rigoni, S Tognolini, P Borghetti, G Drera, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, ...
Analyst 138 (24), 7392-7399, 2013
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F Rigoni, G Drera, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, L Sangaletti
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F Rossella, P Galinetto, MC Mozzati, L Malavasi, Y Diaz Fernandez, ...
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G Drera, G Salvinelli, J Åhlund, PG Karlsson, B Wannberg, E Magnano, ...
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 195, 109-116, 2014
Band offsets and density of Ti states probed by x-ray photoemission on LaAlO/SrTiO heterointerfaces and their LaAlO and SrTiO bulk precursors
G Drera, G Salvinelli, A Brinkman, M Huijben, G Koster, H Hilgenkamp, ...
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Spectroscopic evidence of in-gap states at the SrTiO3/LaAlO3 ultrathin interfaces
G Drera, F Banfi, FF Canova, P Borghetti, L Sangaletti, F Bondino, ...
Applied physics letters 98 (5), 2011
Development of a sensing array for human breath analysis based on swcnt layers functionalized with semiconductor organic molecules
S Freddi, AV Emelianov, II Bobrinetskiy, G Drera, S Pagliara, DS Kopylova, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 9 (12), 2000377, 2020
SAM functionalized ZnO nanowires for selective acetone detection: optimized surface specific interaction using APTMS and GLYMO monolayers
M Singh, N Kaur, G Drera, A Casotto, L Sangaletti, E Comini
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (38), 2003217, 2020
Enhanced air-stability of Sn-based hybrid perovskites induced by dimethylammonium (DMA): synthesis, characterization, aging and hydrogen photogeneration of the MA 1− x DMA x …
A Pisanu, A Speltini, P Quadrelli, G Drera, L Sangaletti, L Malavasi
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7 (23), 7020-7026, 2019
Enhancement of room temperature ferromagnetism in N-doped TiO2− x rutile: correlation with the local electronic properties
G Drera, MC Mozzati, P Galinetto, Y Diaz-Fernandez, L Malavasi, ...
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Impact of covalent functionalization by diazonium chemistry on the electronic properties of graphene on SiC
G Ambrosio, A Brown, L Daukiya, G Drera, G Di Santo, L Petaccia, ...
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Band alignment at heteroepitaxial perovskite oxide interfaces. Experiments, methods, and perspectives
A Giampietri, G Drera, L Sangaletti
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Humidity-enhanced sub-ppm sensitivity to ammonia of covalently functionalized single-wall carbon nanotube bundle layers
F Rigoni, S Freddi, S Pagliara, G Drera, L Sangaletti, JM Suisse, M Bouvet, ...
Nanotechnology 28 (25), 255502, 2017
Direct evidence of chemically inhomogeneous, nanostructured, Si–O buried interfaces and their effect on the efficiency of carbon nanotube/Si photovoltaic heterojunctions
C Pintossi, G Salvinelli, G Drera, S Pagliara, L Sangaletti, SD Gobbo, ...
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GA Artioli, A Mancini, VR Barbieri, MC Quattrini, E Quartarone, ...
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S Freddi, G Drera, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, L Sangaletti
Analyst 144 (13), 4100-4110, 2019
Environmental monitoring of low-ppb ammonia concentrations based on single-wall carbon nanotube chemiresistor gas sensors: Detection limits, response dynamics, and moisture effects
F Rigoni, S Tognolini, P Borghetti, G Drera, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, ...
Procedia Engineering 87, 716-719, 2014
An ultrathin TiO 2 blocking layer on Cd stannate as highly efficient front contact for dye-sensitized solar cells
A Braga, C Baratto, P Colombi, E Bontempi, G Salvinelli, G Drera, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (39), 16812-16818, 2013
Gas sensing at the nanoscale: engineering SWCNT-ITO nano-heterojunctions for the selective detection of NH3 and NO2 target molecules
F Rigoni, G Drera, S Pagliara, E Perghem, C Pintossi, A Goldoni, ...
Nanotechnology 28 (3), 035502, 2016
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