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Lithium‐doped conjugated microporous polymers for reversible hydrogen storage
A Li, RF Lu, Y Wang, X Wang, KL Han, WQ Deng
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (19), 3330-3333, 2010
Attosecond-resolution quantum dynamics calculations for atoms and molecules in strong laser fields
RF Lu, PY Zhang, KL Han
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Theoretical study of single attosecond pulse generation with a three-colour laser field
RF Lu, HX He, YH Guo, KL Han
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 42 (22), 225601, 2009
Why the band gap of graphene is tunable on hexagonal boron nitride
E Kan, H Ren, F Wu, Z Li, R Lu, C Xiao, K Deng, J Yang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (4), 3142-3146, 2012
A time-dependent wave-packet quantum scattering study of the reaction H 2+(v= 0–2, 4, 6; j= 1)+ He→ HeH++ H
TS Chu, RF Lu, KL Han, XN Tang, HF Xu, CY Ng
The Journal of chemical physics 122 (24), 244322, 2005
Generation of isolated sub-10-attosecond pulses in spatially inhomogenous two-color fields
X Cao, S Jiang, C Yu, Y Wang, L Bai, R Lu
Optics express 22 (21), 26153-26161, 2014
Efficient band structure tuning, charge separation, and visible-light response in ZrS 2-based van der Waals heterostructures
X Zhang, Z Meng, D Rao, Y Wang, Q Shi, Y Liu, H Wu, K Deng, H Liu, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (3), 841-849, 2016
Half-metallicity in organic single porous sheets
E Kan, W Hu, C Xiao, R Lu, K Deng, J Yang, H Su
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (13), 5718-5721, 2012
Population redistribution among multiple electronic states of molecular nitrogen ions in strong laser fields
J Yao, S Jiang, W Chu, B Zeng, C Wu, R Lu, Z Li, H Xie, G Li, C Yu, ...
Physical review letters 116 (14), 143007, 2016
Boron-substituted graphyne as a versatile material with high storage capacities of Li and H 2: a multiscale theoretical study
R Lu, D Rao, Z Meng, X Zhang, G Xu, Y Liu, E Kan, C Xiao, K Deng
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (38), 16120-16126, 2013
A new member of electrocatalysts based on nickel metaphosphate nanocrystals for efficient water oxidation
J Huang, Y Sun, Y Zhang, G Zou, C Yan, S Cong, T Lei, X Dai, J Guo, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (5), 1705045, 2018
Quantum wave packet study of the H++ D2 reaction on diabatic potential energy surfaces
RF Lu, TS Chu, KL Han
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 109 (30), 6683-6688, 2005
Prominently improved hydrogen purification and dispersive metal binding for hydrogen storage by substitutional doping in porous graphene
R Lu, D Rao, Z Lu, J Qian, F Li, H Wu, Y Wang, C Xiao, K Deng, E Kan, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (40), 21291-21296, 2012
Lithium-doped MOF impregnated with lithium-coated fullerenes: A hydrogen storage route for high gravimetric and volumetric uptakes at ambient temperatures
D Rao, R Lu, C Xiao, E Kan, K Deng
Chemical Communications 47 (27), 7698-7700, 2011
Theoretical investigation of the origin of the multipeak structure of kinetic-energy-release spectra from charge-resonance-enhanced ionization of H 2+ in intense laser fields
H He, R Lu, P Zhang, Y Guo, K Han, G He
Physical Review A 84 (3), 033418, 2011
Molecular dynamics study on water desalination through functionalized nanoporous graphene
Y Wang, Z He, KM Gupta, Q Shi, R Lu
Carbon 116, 120-127, 2017
Dissociation and ionization competing processes for H2+ in intense laser field: Which one is larger?
HX He, RF Lu, PY Zhang, KL Han, GZ He
The Journal of chemical physics 136 (2), 024311, 2012
Role of the transition dipole amplitude and phase on the generation of odd and even high-order harmonics in crystals
S Jiang, J Chen, H Wei, C Yu, R Lu, CD Lin
Physical review letters 120 (25), 253201, 2018
Ultrahigh energy storage and ultrafast ion diffusion in borophene-based anodes for rechargeable metal ion batteries
D Rao, L Zhang, Z Meng, X Zhang, Y Wang, G Qiao, X Shen, H Xia, J Liu, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (5), 2328-2338, 2017
Nonadiabatic effects in the reaction
RF Lu, TS Chu, Y Zhang, KL Han, AJC Varandas, JZH Zhang
The Journal of chemical physics 125 (13), 133108, 2006
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