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Sucrose-specific induction of the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway in Arabidopsis
C Solfanelli, A Poggi, E Loreti, A Alpi, P Perata
Plant physiology 140 (2), 637-646, 2006
Gibberellins, jasmonate and abscisic acid modulate the sucrose‐induced expression of anthocyanin biosynthetic genes in Arabidopsis
E Loreti, G Povero, G Novi, C Solfanelli, A Alpi, P Perata
New Phytologist 179 (4), 1004-1016, 2008
Transcript profiling of the anoxic rice coleoptile
R Lasanthi-Kudahettige, L Magneschi, E Loreti, S Gonzali, F Licausi, ...
Plant physiology 144 (1), 218-231, 2007
A genome-wide analysis of the effects of sucrose on gene expression in Arabidopsis seedlings under anoxia
E Loreti, A Poggi, G Novi, A Alpi, P Perata
Plant Physiology 137 (3), 1130-1138, 2005
The heat-inducible transcription factor HsfA2 enhances anoxia tolerance in Arabidopsis
V Banti, F Mafessoni, E Loreti, A Alpi, P Perata
Plant Physiology 152 (3), 1471-1483, 2010
Hormonal interplay during adventitious root formation in flooded tomato plants
ML Vidoz, E Loreti, A Mensuali, A Alpi, P Perata
The Plant Journal 63 (4), 551-562, 2010
Glucose and disaccharide-sensing mechanisms modulate the expression of α-amylase in barley embryos
E Loreti, A Alpi, P Perata
Plant Physiology 123 (3), 939-948, 2000
Why and how do plant cells sense sugars?
E Loreti, LD Bellis, A Alpi, P Perata
Annals of Botany 88 (5), 803-812, 2001
Identification of sugar-modulated genes and evidence for in vivo sugar sensing in Arabidopsis
S Gonzali, E Loreti, C Solfanelli, G Novi, A Alpi, P Perata
Journal of plant research 119 (2), 115-123, 2006
Plant responses to flooding stress
E Loreti, H van Veen, P Perata
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 33, 64-71, 2016
DjPiwi-1, a member of the PAZ-Piwi gene family, defines a subpopulation of planarian stem cells
L Rossi, A Salvetti, A Lena, R Batistoni, P Deri, C Pugliesi, E Loreti, ...
Development genes and evolution 216 (6), 335, 2006
Arabidopsis thaliana MYB75/PAP1 transcription factor induces anthocyanin production in transgenic tomato plants
DL Zuluaga, S Gonzali, E Loreti, C Pucciariello, E Degl’Innocenti, L Guidi, ...
Functional Plant Biology 35 (7), 606-618, 2008
A turanose‐insensitive mutant suggests a role for WOX5 in auxin homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana
S Gonzali, G Novi, E Loreti, F Paolicchi, A Poggi, A Alpi, P Perata
The Plant Journal 44 (4), 633-645, 2005
Heat acclimation and cross‐tolerance against anoxia in Arabidopsis
V Banti, E Loreti, G Novi, A Santaniello, A Alpi, P Perata
Plant, cell & environment 31 (7), 1029-1037, 2008
Sugar modulation of α‐amylase genes under anoxia
E Loreti, J Yamaguchi, A Alpi, P Perata
Annals of Botany 91 (2), 143-148, 2003
Transcript profiling of chitosan-treated Arabidopsis seedlings
G Povero, E Loreti, C Pucciariello, A Santaniello, D Di Tommaso, ...
Journal of plant research 124 (5), 619-629, 2011
Low oxygen response mechanisms in green organisms
V Banti, B Giuntoli, S Gonzali, E Loreti, L Magneschi, G Novi, E Paparelli, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 14 (3), 4734-4761, 2013
The Use of Microarrays to Study the Anaerobic Response in Arabidopsis
S Gonzali, E Loreti, G Novi, A Poggi, A Alpi, P Perata
Annals of botany 96 (4), 661-668, 2005
Universal stress protein HRU1 mediates ROS homeostasis under anoxia
S Gonzali, E Loreti, F Cardarelli, G Novi, S Parlanti, C Pucciariello, ...
Nature Plants 1 (11), 1-9, 2015
Analysis of the role of the pyruvate decarboxylase gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana under low‐oxygen conditions
M Mithran, E Paparelli, G Novi, P Perata, E Loreti
Plant Biology 16 (1), 28-34, 2014
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