Dominik R. Laetsch
Dominik R. Laetsch
Postdoctoral Research Assistant, IEB, University of Edinburgh, UK
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BlobTools: Interrogation of genome assemblies
DR Laetsch, ML Blaxter
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KinFin: Software for taxon-aware analysis of clustered protein sequences
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Signatures of balancing selection in toll-like receptor (TLRs) genes–novel insights from a free-living rodent
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The determinants of genetic diversity in butterflies
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Characterisation of the British honey bee metagenome
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Improving the annotation of the Heterorhabditis bacteriophora genome
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Sex‐specific expression and DNA methylation in a species with extreme sexual dimorphism and paternal genome elimination
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Males that silence their father’s genes: genomic imprinting of a complete haploid genome
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The Pleistocene species pump past its prime: evidence from European butterfly sister species
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Molecular Ecology, 2021
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