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The far‐infrared Earth
J Harries, B Carli, R Rizzi, C Serio, M Mlynczak, L Palchetti, T Maestri, ...
Reviews of Geophysics 46 (4), 2008
Breadboard of a Fourier-transform spectrometer for the Radiation Explorer in the Far Infrared atmospheric mission
L Palchetti, G Bianchini, F Castagnoli, B Carli, C Serio, F Esposito, ...
Applied optics 44 (14), 2870-2878, 2005
Spectral noise due to sampling errors in Fourier-transform spectroscopy
L Palchetti, D Lastrucci
Applied optics 40 (19), 3235-3243, 2001
First spectral measurement of the Earth's upwelling emission using an uncooled wideband Fourier transform spectrometer
L Palchetti, C Belotti, G Bianchini, F Castagnoli, B Carli, U Cortesi, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 6 (12), 5025-5030, 2006
Ground‐based high spectral resolution observations of the entire terrestrial spectrum under extremely dry conditions
DD Turner, EJ Mlawer, G Bianchini, MP Cadeddu, S Crewell, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 39 (10), 2012
Retrieval of foreign-broadened water vapor continuum coefficients from emitted spectral radiance in the H2O rotational band from 240 to 590 cm-1
C Serio, G Masiello, F Esposito, P Di Girolamo, T Di Iorio, L Palchetti, ...
Optics express 16 (20), 15816-15833, 2008
Spectrally resolved observations of atmospheric emitted radiance in the H2O rotation band
R Bhawar, G Bianchini, A Bozzo, M Cacciani, MR Calvello, M Carlotti, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 35 (4), 2008
A wide-band nadir-sounding spectroradiometer for the characterization of the Earth's outgoing long-wave radiation
G Bianchini, L Palchetti, B Carli
Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites X 6361, 63610A, 2006
Design of an efficient broadband far-infrared Fourier-transform spectrometer
B Carli, A Barbis, JE Harries, L Palchetti
Applied optics 38 (18), 3945-3950, 1999
Feasibility of the spaceborne radiation explorer in the far infrared (REFIR)
R Rizzi, L Palchetti, B Carli, R Bonsignori, JE Harries, J Leotin, SC Peskett, ...
Optical Spectroscopic Techniques, Remote Sensing, and Instrumentation for …, 2002
Measurement of the water vapour vertical profile and of the Earth's outgoing far infrared flux
L Palchetti, G Bianchini, B Carli, U Cortesi, SD Bianco
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 8 (11), 2885-2894, 2008
Design and mathematical modelling of the space-borne far-infrared Fourier transform spectrometer for REFIR experiment
L Palchetti, A Barbis, JE Harries, D Lastrucci
Infrared physics & technology 40 (5), 367-377, 1999
Optical fiber-polymer guide coupling by a tapered graded index glass guide
S Sottini, D Grando, L Palchetti, E Giorgetti
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 31 (6), 1123-1130, 1995
Measurements of low amounts of precipitable water vapor by millimeter wave spectroscopy: An intercomparison with radiosonde, Raman lidar, and Fourier transform infrared data
I Fiorucci, G Muscari, C Bianchi, P Di Girolamo, F Esposito, G Grieco, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 113 (D14), 2008
REFIR-PAD level 1 data analysis and performance characterization
G Bianchini, L Palchetti
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 8 (14), 3817-3826, 2008
Effect of beam-splitter emission in Fourier-transform emission spectroscopy
B Carli, L Palchetti, P Raspollini
Applied optics 38 (36), 7475-7480, 1999
Far-infrared radiative properties of water vapor and clouds in Antarctica
L Palchetti, G Bianchini, G Di Natale, M Del Guasta
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 96 (9), 1505-1518, 2015
Photobleaching of polydiacetylene waveguides: a characterization of the process and patterning of optical elements
L Palchetti, Q Li, E Giorgetti, D Grando, S Sottini
Applied optics 36 (6), 1204-1212, 1997
Test of far-infrared atmospheric spectroscopy using wide-band balloon-borne measurements of the upwelling radiance
G Bianchini, B Carli, U Cortesi, S Del Bianco, M Gai, L Palchetti
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 109 (6), 1030-1042, 2008
Validation of H2O continuum absorption models in the wave number range 180–600 cm−1 with atmospheric emitted spectral radiance measured at the Antarctica …
G Liuzzi, G Masiello, C Serio, L Palchetti, G Bianchini
Optics express 22 (14), 16784-16801, 2014
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