Abdelkrim Bendahmane
Abdelkrim Bendahmane
University of Lille
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Citata da
Roadmap on optical rogue waves and extreme events
N Akhmediev, B Kibler, F Baronio, M Belić, WP Zhong, Y Zhang, W Chang, ...
Journal of Optics 18 (6), 063001, 2016
Frequency-agile dual-comb spectroscopy
G Millot, S Pitois, M Yan, T Hovhannisyan, A Bendahmane, TW Hänsch, ...
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Observation of geometric parametric instability induced by the periodic spatial self-imaging of multimode waves
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R Guenard, K Krupa, R Dupiol, M Fabert, A Bendahmane, V Kermène, ...
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R Dupiol, A Bendahmane, K Krupa, A Tonello, M Fabert, B Kibler, ...
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Nonlinear beam self-cleaning in a coupled cavity composite laser based on multimode fiber
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R Dupiol, A Bendahmane, K Krupa, J Fatome, A Tonello, M Fabert, ...
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Simultaneous scalar and cross-phase modulation instabilities in highly birefringent photonic crystal fiber
A Kudlinski, A Bendahmane, D Labat, S Virally, RT Murray, EJR Kelleher, ...
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12 THz flat gain fiber optical parametric amplifiers with dispersion varying fibers
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Optimal frequency conversion in the nonlinear stage of modulation instability
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Seeded intermodal four-wave mixing in a highly multimode fiber
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JOSA B 35 (2), 295-301, 2018
Tailoring supercontinuum generation beyond 2 μm in step-index tellurite fibers
C Strutynski, P Froidevaux, F Désévédavy, JC Jules, G Gadret, ...
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Observation of the stepwise blue shift of a dispersive wave preceding its trapping by a soliton
A Bendahmane, A Mussot, M Conforti, A Kudlinski
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Control of the soliton self-frequency shift dynamics using topographic optical fibers
A Bendahmane, O Vanvincq, A Mussot, A Kudlinski
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Spectral broadening of picosecond pulses forming dispersive shock waves in optical fibers
A Parriaux, M Conforti, A Bendahmane, J Fatome, C Finot, S Trillo, ...
Optics Letters 42 (15), 3044-3047, 2017
Emission of multiple dispersive waves from a single Raman-shifting soliton in an axially-varying optical fiber
M Billet, F Braud, A Bendahmane, M Conforti, A Mussot, A Kudlinski
Optics express 22 (21), 25673-25678, 2014
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