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Resilience of the natural phyllosphere microbiota of the grapevine to chemical and biological pesticides
M Perazzolli, L Antonielli, M Storari, G Puopolo, M Pancher, O Giovannini, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80 (12), 3585-3596, 2014
Assessing soil quality under intensive cultivation and tree orchards in Southern Italy
G Bonanomi, R D’Ascoli, V Antignani, M Capodilupo, L Cozzolino, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 47 (3), 184-194, 2011
Lysobacter capsici AZ78 produces cyclo (l‐Pro‐l‐Tyr), a 2, 5‐diketopiperazine with toxic activity against sporangia of P hytophthora infestans and P lasmopara viticola
G Puopolo, A Cimmino, MC Palmieri, O Giovannini, A Evidente, I Pertot
Journal of applied microbiology 117 (4), 1168-1180, 2014
Lysobacter capsici AZ78 can be combined with copper to effectively control Plasmopara viticola on grapevine
G Puopolo, O Giovannini, I Pertot
Microbiological research 169 (7-8), 633-642, 2014
Biocontrol of cypress canker by the phenazine producer Pseudomonas chlororaphis subsp. aureofaciens strain M71
A Raio, G Puopolo, A Cimmino, R Danti, G Della Rocca, A Evidente
Biological Control 58 (2), 133-138, 2011
Growth media affect the volatilome and antimicrobial activity against Phytophthora infestans in four Lysobacter type strains
V Lazazzara, M Perazzolli, I Pertot, F Biasioli, G Puopolo, L Cappellin
Microbiological research 201, 52-62, 2017
Limited impact of abiotic stress on surfactin production in planta and on disease resistance induced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciensS499 in tomato and bean
I Pertot, G Puopolo, T Hosni, L Pedrotti, E Jourdan, M Ongena
FEMS microbiology ecology 86 (3), 505-519, 2013
Insights on the susceptibility of plant pathogenic fungi to phenazine-1-carboxylic acid and its chemical derivatives
G Puopolo, M Masi, A Raio, A Andolfi, A Zoina, A Cimmino, A Evidente
Natural product research 27 (11), 956-966, 2013
Diversity in endophyte populations reveals functional and taxonomic diversity between wild and domesticated grapevines
A Campisano, M Pancher, G Puopolo, A Puddu, S Lpez-Fernndez, ...
American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 66 (1), 12-21, 2015
The impact of the omics era on the knowledge and use of Lysobacter species to control phytopathogenic micro‐organisms
G Puopolo, S Tomada, I Pertot
Journal of applied microbiology 124 (1), 15-27, 2018
Is the mycoparasitic activity of Ampelomyces quisqualis biocontrol strains related to phylogeny and hydrolytic enzyme production?
D Angeli, G Puopolo, M Maurhofer, C Gessler, I Pertot
Biological control 63 (3), 348-358, 2012
Complete genome sequence of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum S499, a rhizobacterium that triggers plant defences and inhibits fungal phytopathogens
G Molinatto, G Puopolo, P Sonego, M Moretto, K Engelen, C Viti, ...
Journal of biotechnology 238, 56-59, 2016
Identification and charactherization of Lysobacter Capsici strain PG4: a new plant health-promoting rhizobacterium
G Puopolo, A Raio, A Zoina
Journal of Plant Pathology, 157-164, 2010
The Lysobacter capsici AZ78 genome has a gene pool enabling it to interact successfully with phytopathogenic microorganisms and environmental factors
G Puopolo, S Tomada, P Sonego, M Moretto, K Engelen, M Perazzolli, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 96, 2016
Proteomic investigation of response to FORL infection in tomato roots
MF Mazzeo, G Cacace, F Ferriello, G Puopolo, A Zoina, MR Ercolano, ...
Plant physiology and biochemistry 74, 42-49, 2014
Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici induces distinct transcriptome reprogramming in resistant and susceptible isogenic tomato lines
D Manzo, F Ferriello, G Puopolo, A Zoina, D D’Esposito, L Tardella, ...
BMC plant biology 16 (1), 1-14, 2016
Early detection of Agrobacterium tumefaciens in symptomless artificially inoculated chrysanthemum and peach plants using PCR
G Puopolo, A Raio, A Zoina
Journal of Plant Pathology, 185-190, 2007
Stepwise flow diagram for the development of formulations of non spore-forming bacteria against foliar pathogens: the case of Lysobacter capsici AZ78
G Segarra, G Puopolo, O Giovannini, I Pertot
Journal of biotechnology 216, 56-64, 2015
Selection of a new Pseudomonas chlororaphis strain for the biological control of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici
G Puopolo, A Raio, LS PIERSON III, A Zoina
Phytopathologia Mediterranea 50 (2), 228-235, 2011
Cyclo (L-PRO-L-TYR), the fungicide isolated from Lysobacter capsici AZ78: a structure–activity relationship study
A Cimmino, G Puopolo, M Perazzolli, A Andolfi, D Melck, I Pertot, ...
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds 50 (2), 290-295, 2014
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