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Functional connectivity of the insula in the resting brain
F Cauda, F D'Agata, K Sacco, S Duca, G Geminiani, A Vercelli
Neuroimage 55 (1), 8-23, 2011
Meta-analytic clustering of the insular cortex: characterizing the meta-analytic connectivity of the insula when involved in active tasks
F Cauda, T Costa, DME Torta, K Sacco, F D'Agata, S Duca, G Geminiani, ...
Neuroimage 62 (1), 343-355, 2012
Altered resting state in diabetic neuropathic pain
F Cauda, K Sacco, S Duca, D Cocito, F D'Agata, GC Geminiani, ...
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Functional connectivity and coactivation of the nucleus accumbens: a combined functional connectivity and structure-based meta-analysis
F Cauda, AE Cavanna, F D'agata, K Sacco, S Duca, GC Geminiani
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Communicative impairment in traumatic brain injury: A complete pragmatic assessment
R Angeleri, FM Bosco, M Zettin, K Sacco, L Colle, BG Bara
Brain and language 107 (3), 229-245, 2008
Motor imagery of walking following training in locomotor attention. The effect of ‘the tango lesson’
K Sacco, F Cauda, L Cerliani, D Mate, S Duca, GC Geminiani
Neuroimage 32 (3), 1441-1449, 2006
Developmental and lesion effects in brain activation during sentence comprehension and mental rotation
JR Booth, B MacWhinney, KR Thulborn, K Sacco, JT Voyvodic, ...
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Disrupted intrinsic functional connectivity in the vegetative state
F Cauda, BM Micon, K Sacco, S Duca, F D’Agata, G Geminiani, ...
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Functional organization of activation patterns in children: whole brain fMRI imaging during three different cognitive tasks
JR Booth, B Macwhinney, KR Thulborn, K Sacco, J Voyvodic, ...
Progress in Neuro Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 23 (4), 669-684, 1999
Grey matter abnormality in autism spectrum disorder: an activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis study
F Cauda, E Geda, K Sacco, F D'Agata, S Duca, G Geminiani, R Keller
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 82 (12), 1304-1313, 2011
Altered resting state attentional networks in diabetic neuropathic pain
F Cauda, F D'Agata, K Sacco, S Duca, D Cocito, I Paolasso, G Isoardo, ...
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 81 (7), 806-811, 2010
Eating habits and dietary status in young children with autism
CR Johnson, BL Handen, M Mayer-Costa, K Sacco
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Functional connectivity of the posteromedial cortex
F Cauda, G Geminiani, F D'Agata, K Sacco, S Duca, AP Bagshaw, ...
PloS one 5 (9), e13107, 2010
Low-frequency BOLD fluctuations demonstrate altered thalamocortical connectivity in diabetic neuropathic pain
F Cauda, K Sacco, F D'Agata, S Duca, D Cocito, G Geminiani, F Migliorati, ...
BMC neuroscience 10 (1), 138, 2009
Unawareness of deficits in Alzheimer’s disease: role of the cingulate cortex
M Amanzio, DME Torta, K Sacco, F Cauda, F D’Agata, S Duca, D Leotta, ...
Brain 134 (4), 1061-1076, 2011
Preoperative and intraoperative brain mapping for the resection of eloquent-area tumors. A prospective analysis of methodology, correlation, and usefulness based on clinical …
G Spena, A Nava, F Cassini, A Pepoli, M Bruno, F D’Agata, F Cauda, ...
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Effects of gluten free/casein free diet in young children with autism: a pilot study
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Understanding the communicative impairments in schizophrenia: a preliminary study
L Colle, R Angeleri, M Vallana, K Sacco, BG Bara, FM Bosco
Journal of Communication Disorders 46 (3), 294-308, 2013
Assessment Battery for Communication–ABaCo: A new instrument for the evaluation of pragmatic abilities
K Sacco, R Angeleri, FM Bosco, L Colle, D Mate, BG Bara
Journal of Cognitive Science 9 (2), 111-157, 2008
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