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Franšois Chaumont
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Aquaporins constitute a large and highly divergent protein family in maize
F Chaumont, F Barrieu, E Wojcik, MJ Chrispeels, R Jung
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Interactions between plasma membrane aquaporins modulate their water channel activity
K Fetter, V Van Wilder, M Moshelion, F Chaumont
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Aquaporins: highly regulated channels controlling plant water relations
F Chaumont, SD Tyerman
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Aquaporin-facilitated transmembrane diffusion of hydrogen peroxide
GP Bienert, F Chaumont
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Plasma membrane intrinsic proteins from maize cluster in two sequence subgroups with differential aquaporin activity
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Aquaporins are multifunctional water and solute transporters highly divergent in living organisms
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Drought and abscisic acid effects on aquaporin content translate into changes in hydraulic conductivity and leaf growth rate: a trans-scale approach
B Parent, C Hachez, E Redondo, T Simonneau, F Chaumont, F Tardieu
Plant physiology 149 (4), 2000-2012, 2009
FRET imaging in living maize cells reveals that plasma membrane aquaporins interact to regulate their subcellular localization
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Role of aquaporins in leaf physiology
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The role of aquaporins and membrane damage in chilling and hydrogen peroxide induced changes in the hydraulic conductance of maize roots
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Characterization of a new vacuolar membrane aquaporin sensitive to mercury at a unique site.
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Localization and quantification of plasma membrane aquaporin expression in maize primary root: a clue to understanding their role as cellular plumbers
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Characterization of a maize tonoplast aquaporin expressed in zones of cell division and elongation
F Chaumont, F Barrieu, EM Herman, MJ Chrispeels
Plant Physiology 117 (4), 1143-1152, 1998
High expression of the tonoplast aquaporin ZmTIP1in epidermal and conducting tissues of maize
F Barrieu, F Chaumont, MJ Chrispeels
Plant Physiology 117 (4), 1153-1163, 1998
Solanaceae XIPs are plasma membrane aquaporins that facilitate the transport of many uncharged substrates
GP Bienert, MD Bienert, TP Jahn, M Boutry, F Chaumont
The Plant Journal 66 (2), 306-317, 2011
Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis increases relative apoplastic water flow in roots of the host plant under both well-watered and drought stress conditions
G Bßrzana, R Aroca, JA Paz, F Chaumont, MC Martinez-Ballesta, ...
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Modulating the expression of aquaporin genes in planta: a key to understand their physiological functions?
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Regulation of plasma membrane aquaporins by inoculation with a Bacillus megaterium strain in maize (Zea mays L.) plants under unstressed and salt-stressed conditions
A Marulanda, R Azcˇn, F Chaumont, JM Ruiz-Lozano, R Aroca
Planta 232 (2), 533-543, 2010
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