Alberto Maria Luciano
Alberto Maria Luciano
Associate Professor of Anatomy Histology and Embryology, University of Milan, Italy
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Developmental capability of denuded bovine oocyte in a Co‐culture system with intact cumulus‐oocyte complexes: Role of cumulus cells, cyclic adenosine 3′, 5′‐monophosphate …
AM Luciano, V Lodde, MS Beretta, S Colleoni, A Lauria, S Modina
Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 71 (3 …, 2005
Changes in poly (A) tail length of maternal transcripts during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes and their relation with developmental competence
TAL Brevini‐Gandolfi, LA Favetta, L Mauri, AM Luciano, F Cillo, F Gandolfi
Molecular reproduction and development 52 (4), 427-433, 1999
Role of intracellular cyclic adenosine 3′, 5′-monophosphate concentration and oocyte-cumulus cells communications on the acquisition of the developmental competence during in …
AM Luciano, S Modina, R Vassena, E Milanesi, A Lauria, F Gandolfi
Biology of Reproduction 70 (2), 465-472, 2004
Comparative analysis of calf and cow oocytes during in vitro maturation
F Gandolfi, E Milanesi, P Pocar, AM Luciano, TAL Brevini, F Acocella, ...
Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 49 (2 …, 1998
Epidermal growth factor inhibits large granulosa cell apoptosis by stimulating progesterone synthesis and regulating the distribution of intracellular free calcium
AM Lucian0, A Pappalardo, C Ray, JJ Peluso
Biology of Reproduction 51 (4), 646-654, 1994
Large‐scale chromatin remodeling in germinal vesicle bovine oocytes: Interplay with gap junction functionality and developmental competence
V Lodde, S Modina, C Galbusera, F Franciosi, AM Luciano
Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 74 (6 …, 2007
Gap junction-mediated communications regulate chromatin remodeling during bovine oocyte growth and differentiation through cAMP-dependent mechanism (s)
AM Luciano, F Franciosi, SC Modina, V Lodde
Biology of reproduction 85 (6), 1252-1259, 2011
Effect of different levels of intracellular cAMP on the in vitro maturation of cattle oocytes and their subsequent development following in vitro fertilization
AM Luciano, P Pocar, E Milanesi, S Modina, D Rieger, A Lauria, ...
Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 54 (1 …, 1999
The effects of epidermal growth factor and insulin-like growth factor I on the metabolic activity, nuclear maturation and subsequent development of cattle oocytes in vitro
D Rieger, AM Luciano, S Modina, P Pocar, A Lauria, F Gandolfi
Reproduction 112 (1), 123-130, 1998
Phylogenomic Evidence for the Presence of a Flagellum and cbb3 Oxidase in the Free-Living Mitochondrial Ancestor
D Sassera, N Lo, S Epis, G D'Auria, M Montagna, F Comandatore, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 28 (12), 3285-3296, 2011
Influence of different stages of the oestrous cycle on cumulus-oocyte communications in canine oocytes: effects on the efficiency of in vitro maturation
GC Luvoni, AM Luciano, S Modina, F Gandolfi
The in vitro developmental competence of bovine oocytes can be related to the morphology of the ovary
F Gandolfi, AM Luciano, S Modina, A Ponzini, P Pocar, DT Armstrong, ...
Theriogenology 48 (7), 1153-1160, 1997
Natriuretic peptide precursor C delays meiotic resumption and sustains gap junction-mediated communication in bovine cumulus-enclosed oocytes
F Franciosi, G Coticchio, V Lodde, I Tessaro, SC Modina, R Fadini, ...
Biology of reproduction 91 (3), 61, 1-9, 2014
Oocyte morphology and transcriptional silencing in relation to chromatin remodeling during the final phases of bovine oocyte growth
V Lodde, S Modina, P Maddox‐Hyttel, F Franciosi, A Lauria, AM Luciano
Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 75 (5 …, 2008
In vitro reproductive toxicity of polychlorinated biphenyls: effects on oocyte maturation and developmental competence in cattle
P Pocar, F Perazzoli, AM Luciano, F Gandolfi
Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 58 (4 …, 2001
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The influence of cAMP before or during bovine oocyte maturation on embryonic developmental competence
Z Guixue, AM Luciano, K Coenen, F Gandolfi, MA Sirard
Theriogenology 55 (8), 1733-1743, 2001
Oocyte maturation and quality: role of cyclic nucleotides
RB Gilchrist, AM Luciano, D Richani, HT Zeng, X Wang, M De Vos, ...
Reproduction 152 (5), R143-R157, 2016
Glutathione content and glutathione peroxidase expression in in vivo and in vitro matured equine oocytes
AM Luciano, G Goudet, F Perazzoli, C Lahuec, N Gérard
Molecular Reproduction and Development: Incorporating Gamete Research 73 (5 …, 2006
Effect of different cryopreservation protocols on cytoskeleton and gap junction mediated communication integrity in feline germinal vesicle stage oocytes
AM Luciano, S Chigioni, V Lodde, F Franciosi, GC Luvoni, SC Modina
Cryobiology 59 (1), 90-95, 2009
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