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Dimitrios Klonidis
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Future optical networks
MJ O'Mahony, C Politi, D Klonidis, R Nejabati, D Simeonidou
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Dynamic optical-network architectures and technologies for existing and emerging grid services
D Simeonidou, R Nejabati, G Zervas, D Klonidis, A Tzanakaki, ...
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Spectrally and spatially flexible optical network planning and operations
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Quantifying spectrum, cost, and energy efficiency in fixed-grid and flex-grid networks
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Investigation of 10-Gb/s RSOA-based upstream transmission in WDM-PONs utilizing optical filtering and electronic equalization
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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 20 (24), 2168-2170, 2008
Comparison of spectral and spatial super-channel allocation schemes for SDM networks
PS Khodashenas, JM Rivas-Moscoso, D Siracusa, F Pederzolli, B Shariati, ...
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10 Gb/s full-duplex bidirectional transmission with RSOA-based ONU using detuned optical filtering and decision feedback equalization
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Multi-granular optical cross-connect: design, analysis, and demonstration
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J Prat, IN Cano, M Presi, I Tomkos, D Klonidis, G Vall-llosera, R Brenot, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 34 (2), 783-791, 2015
Rapid and complete hitless defragmentation method using a coherent RX LO with fast wavelength tracking in elastic optical networks
R Proietti, C Qin, B Guan, Y Yin, RP Scott, R Yu, SJB Yoo
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A dynamic impairment-aware networking solution for transparent mesh optical networks
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Cognitive dynamic optical networks
I De Miguel, RJ Durßn, T JimÚnez, N Fernßndez, JC Aguado, RM Lorenzo, ...
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Design characteristics for a full-duplex IM/IM bidirectional transmission at 10 Gb/s using low bandwidth RSOA
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Waveband converters based on four-wave mixing in SOAs
C Politi, D Klonidis, MJ O'Mahony
Journal of Lightwave Technology 24 (3), 1203-1217, 2006
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