Christophe Bouget
Christophe Bouget
Research entomologist, Irstea, France
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The effects of windthrow on forest insect communities: a literature review
C Bouget, P Duelli
Biological Conservation 118 (3), 281-299, 2004
Deadwood as a surrogate for forest biodiversity: meta-analysis of correlations between deadwood volume and species richness of saproxylic organisms
A Lassauce, Y Paillet, H Jactel, C Bouget
Ecological Indicators 11 (5), 1027-1039, 2011
Current near‐to‐nature forest management effects on functional trait composition of saproxylic beetles in beech forests
MM Gossner, T Lachat, J Brunet, G Isacsson, C Bouget, H Brustel, ...
Conservation Biology 27 (3), 605-614, 2013
Effects of fuelwood harvesting on biodiversity—a review focused on the situation in Europe
C Bouget, A Lassauce, M Jonsell
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 42 (8), 1421-1432, 2012
Diameter of downed woody debris does matter for saproxylic beetle assemblages in temperate oak and pine forests
A Brin, C Bouget, H Brustel, H Jactel
Journal of insect conservation 15 (5), 653-669, 2011
In search of the best local habitat drivers for saproxylic beetle diversity in temperate deciduous forests
C Bouget, L Larrieu, B Nusillard, G Parmain
Biodiversity and conservation 22 (9), 2111-2130, 2013
Exploring the “last biotic frontier”: are temperate forest canopies special for saproxylic beetles?
C Bouget, A Brin, H Brustel
Forest Ecology and Management 261 (2), 211-220, 2011
Distance from forest edge affects bee pollinators in oilseed rape fields
S Bailey, F Requier, B Nusillard, SPM Roberts, SG Potts, C Bouget
Ecology and evolution 4 (4), 370-380, 2014
Short-term effect of windstorm disturbance on saproxylic beetles in broadleaved temperate forests: Part II. Effects of gap size and gap isolation
C Bouget
Forest ecology and management 216 (1-3), 15-27, 2005
Increasing temperature may compensate for lower amounts of dead wood in driving richness of saproxylic beetles
J Müller, H Brustel, A Brin, H Bussler, C Bouget, E Obermaier, ...
Ecography 38 (5), 499-509, 2015
Key features for saproxylic beetle diversity derived from rapid habitat assessment in temperate forests
C Bouget, L Larrieu, A Brin
Ecological Indicators 36, 656-664, 2014
Sampling saproxylic beetles with window flight traps: methodological insights
C Bouget, H Brustel, A Brin, T Noblecourt
Revue d'écologie, 2008
Nomenclature des groupes écologiques d'insectes liés au bois: synthèse et mise au point sémantique
C Bouget, H Brustel, LM Nageleisen
Comptes Rendus Biologies 328 (10-11), 936-948, 2005
The French information system on saproxylic beetle ecology (FRISBEE): an ecological and taxonomical database to help with the assessment of forest conservation status
C Bouget, H Brustel, P Zagatti
The need for long‐term remedies for Indonesia's forest fires
RA Chisholm, LS Wijedasa, T Swinfield
Conservation Biology 30 (1), 5-6, 2016
Woodfuel harvesting and biodiversity conservation in temperate forests: effects of logging residue characteristics on saproxylic beetle assemblages
A Lassauce, F Lieutier, C Bouget
Biological Conservation 147 (1), 204-212, 2012
Implications from large‐scale spatial diversity patterns of saproxylic beetles for the conservation of European Beech forests
J Mueller, J Brunet, A Brin, C Bouget, H Brustel, H Bussler, B Foerster, ...
Insect Conservation and Diversity 6 (2), 162-169, 2013
Coppice-with-standards with an overmature coppice component enhance saproxylic beetle biodiversity: A case study in French deciduous forests
A Lassauce, P Anselle, F Lieutier, C Bouget
Forest Ecology and Management 266, 273-285, 2012
Evaluation of window flight traps for effectiveness at monitoring dead wood‐associated beetles: the effect of ethanol lure under contrasting environmental conditions
C Bouget, H Brustel, A Brin, L Valladares
Agricultural and Forest Entomology 11 (2), 143-152, 2009
Does a set‐aside conservation strategy help the restoration of old‐growth forest attributes and recolonization by saproxylic beetles?
C Bouget, G Parmain, O Gilg, T Noblecourt, B Nusillard, Y Paillet, ...
Animal Conservation 17 (4), 342-353, 2014
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