Eric Horvitz
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A Bayesian approach to filtering junk e-mail
M Sahami, S Dumais, D Heckerman, E Horvitz
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Personalizing search via automated analysis of interests and activities
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Principles of mixed-initiative user interfaces
E Horvitz
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The Lumiere project: Bayesian user modeling for inferring the goals and needs of software users
E Horvitz, J Breese, D Heckerman, D Hovel, K Rommelse
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Technique which utilizes a probabilistic classifier to detect" junk" e-mail by automatically updating a training and re-training the classifier based on the updated training set
E Horvitz, DE Heckerman, ST Dumais, M Sahami, JC Platt
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A diary study of task switching and interruptions
M Czerwinski, M Czerwinski, E Horvitz, S Wilhite
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Predicting depression via social media
M De Choudhury, M Gamon, S Counts, E Horvitz
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Recognizing gestures and using gestures for interacting with software applications
JP Dehlin, CS Chen, AD Wilson, DC Robbins, EJ Horvitz, KP Hinckley, ...
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Sensing techniques for mobile interaction
K Hinckley, J Pierce, M Sinclair, E Horvitz
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Intelligent user assistance facility
E Horvitz, JS Breese, DE Heckerman, SD Hobson, DO Hovel, AC Klein, ...
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Planetary-scale views on a large instant-messaging network
J Leskovec, E Horvitz
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Collaborative filtering by personality diagnosis: A hybrid memory-and model-based approach
DM Pennock, E Horvitz, S Lawrence, CL Giles
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Method and apparatus using multiple sensors in a device with a display
KP Hinckley, MJ Sinclair, JS Pierce, EJ Horvitz
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Notification platform architecture
EJ Horvitz, DO Hovel, AW Jacobs, CM Kadie
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Display system and method for displaying windows of an operating system to provide a three-dimensional workspace for a computer system
EJ Horvitz, ML Sonntag, ME Markley
US Patent 5,880,733, 1999
Method and system for usage analyzer that determines user accessed sources, indexes data subsets, and associated metadata, processing implicit queries based on potentialá…
ST Dumais, EJ Horvitz, EB Cutrell, JJ Cadiz, G Jancke, RK Sarin, ...
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Toward normative expert systems: Part i the pathfinder project
DE Heckerman, EJ Horvitz, BN Nathwani
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Collaborative filtering utilizing a belief network
DE Heckerman, JS Breese, E Horvitz, DM Chickering
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Predestination: Inferring destinations from partial trajectories
J Krumm, E Horvitz
International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, 243-260, 2006
Controls and displays for acquiring preferences, inspecting behavior, and guiding the learning and decision policies of an adaptive communications prioritization and routing system
EJ Horvitz, GP Baribault
US Patent 7,844,666, 2010
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