Diego Antonioli
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Rapid thermal processing of self-assembling block copolymer thin films
FF Lupi, TJ Giammaria, M Ceresoli, G Seguini, K Sparnacci, D Antonioli, ...
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Ultrathin random copolymer-grafted layers for block copolymer self-assembly
K Sparnacci, D Antonioli, V Gianotti, M Laus, F Ferrarese Lupi, ...
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Fine Tuning of Lithographic Masks through Thin Films of PS-b-PMMA with Different Molar Mass by Rapid Thermal Processing
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Light activated non-reciprocal motion in liquid crystalline networks by designed microactuator architecture
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Microplastic contamination in snow from Western Italian Alps
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Structural Characterisation of Complex Layered Double Hydroxides and TGA‐GC‐MS Study on Thermal Response and Carbonate Contamination in Nitrate‐and Organic‐Exchanged Hydrotalcites
E Conterosito, L Palin, D Antonioli, D Viterbo, E Mugnaioli, U Kolb, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (42), 14975-14986, 2015
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On the Thermal Stability of PS-b-PMMA Block and P(S-r-MMA) Random Copolymers for Nanopatterning Applications
V Gianotti, D Antonioli, K Sparnacci, M Laus, TJ Giammaria, ...
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Photopolymerized network polysiloxane films with dangling hydrophilic/hydrophobic chains for the biofouling release of invasive marine serpulid Ficopomatus enigmaticus
E Martinelli, I Del Moro, G Galli, M Barbaglia, C Bibbiani, E Mennillo, ...
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Occurrence of microplastics in pellets from the common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) along the Ticino River, North Italy
A Winkler, A Nessi, D Antonioli, M Laus, N Santo, M Parolini, P Tremolada
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 41731-41739, 2020
Thermally induced self-assembly of cylindrical nanodomains in low molecular weight PS-b-PMMA thin films
G Seguini, TJ Giammaria, FF Lupi, K Sparnacci, D Antonioli, V Gianotti, ...
Nanotechnology 25 (4), 045301, 2014
PTFE-Based Core− Soft Shell Nanospheres and Soft Matrix Nanocomposites
K Sparnacci, D Antonioli, S Deregibus, M Laus, T Poggio, V Kapeliouchko, ...
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Control of Doping Level in Semiconductors via Self-Limited Grafting of Phosphorus End-Terminated Polymers
M Perego, G Seguini, E Arduca, A Nomellini, K Sparnacci, D Antonioli, ...
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Degradable poly (amidoamine) hydrogels as scaffolds for in vitro culturing of peripheral nervous system cells
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PTFE–PMMA core–shell colloidal particles as building blocks for self‐assembled opals: synthesis, properties and optical response
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MC Righetti, A Boggioni, M Laus, D Antonioli, K Sparnacci, L Boarino
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POSS/gelatin‐polyglutamic acid hydrogel composites: Preparation, biological and mechanical characterization
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Characterization of ultra-thin polymeric films by Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry hyphenated to thermogravimetry
V Gianotti, D Antonioli, K Sparnacci, M Laus, TJ Giammaria, M Ceresoli, ...
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Evolution of lateral ordering in symmetric block copolymer thin films upon rapid thermal processing
M Ceresoli, FF Lupi, G Seguini, K Sparnacci, V Gianotti, D Antonioli, ...
Nanotechnology 25 (27), 275601, 2014
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