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Maria Vittoria Mazzamuto
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A non-invasive monitoring on European wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris Schreber, 1777) in Sicily using hair trapping and camera trapping: does it work?
S Anile, C Arrabito, MV Mazzamuto, D Scornavacca, B Ragni
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Current and future conifer seed production in the Alps: testing weather factors as cues behind masting
F Bisi, J von Hardenberg, S Bertolino, LA Wauters, S Imperio, DG Preatoni, ...
European Journal of Forest Research 135 (4), 743-754, 2016
Preventing species invasion: A role for integrative taxonomy?
MV Mazzamuto, A Galimberti, G Cremonesi, B Pisanu, JL CHAPUIS, ...
Integrative zoology 11 (3), 214-228, 2016
Rodents in the arena: a critical evaluation of methods measuring personality traits
MV Mazzamuto, G Cremonesi, F Santicchia, D Preatoni, A Martinoli, ...
Ethology Ecology & Evolution 31 (1), 38-58, 2019
Interspecific competition between alien Pallas’s squirrels and Eurasian red squirrels reduces density of the native species
MV Mazzamuto, F Bisi, LA Wauters, DG Preatoni, A Martinoli
Biological Invasions 19 (2), 723-735, 2017
Survey on parasitic infections in wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris Schreber, 1777) by scat collection
E Napoli, S Anile, C Arrabito, D Scornavacca, MV Mazzamuto, G Gaglio, ...
Parasitology research 115 (1), 255-261, 2016
Native and introduced squirrels in Italy host different Cryptosporidium spp.
J Prediger, M Horčičková, L Hofmannová, B Sak, N Ferrari, ...
European Journal of Protistology 61, 64-75, 2017
British red squirrels remain the only known wild rodent host for leprosy bacilli
AK Schilling, C Avanzi, RG Ulrich, P Busso, B Pisanu, N Ferrari, C Romeo, ...
Frontiers in veterinary science 6, 8, 2019
Interspecific competition affects the expression of personality-traits in natural populations
LA Wauters, MV Mazzamuto, F Santicchia, S Van Dongen, DG Preatoni, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (11189), 2019
Poor parasite community of an invasive alien species: macroparasites of Pallas's squirrel in Italy
MV Mazzamuto, B Pisanu, C Romeo, N Ferrari, D Preatoni, LA Wauters, ...
Annales Zoologici Fennici 53 (1–2), 103-112, 2016
The value of by-catch data: how species specific surveys can serve non-target species
MV Mazzamuto, M Lo Valvo, S Anile
European Journal of Wildlife Research, 2019
Diversity and host specificity of coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) in native and introduced squirrel species
L Hofmannová, C Romeo, L Štohanzlová, D Jirsová, MV Mazzamuto, ...
European journal of protistology 56, 1-14, 2016
The use of uterine scars to explore fecundity levels in invasive alien tree squirrels
F Santicchia, C Romeo, G Grilli, S Vezzoso, LA Wauters, MV Mazzamuto, ...
Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy 26 (2), 95-101, 2015
Knowledge, management and optimization: the use of live traps in control of non-native squirrels
MV Mazzamuto, M Panzeri, L Wauters, D Preatoni, A Martinoli
Mammalia 80 (3), 305-311, 2016
When management meets science: adaptive analysis for the optimization of the eradication of the Northern raccoon (Procyon lotor)
MV Mazzamuto, M Panzeri, F Bisi, LA Wauters, D Preatoni, A Martinoli
Biological Invasions 22 (10), 3119-3130, 2020
Search for polyoma-, herpes-, and bornaviruses in squirrels of the family Sciuridae
V Schulze, PWW Lurz, N Ferrari, C Romeo, MA Steele, S Marino, ...
Virology Journal 17, 42, 2020
Space invaders: effects of invasive alien Pallas’s squirrel on home range and body mass of native red squirrel
MV Mazzamuto, M Morandini, M Panzeri, LA Wauters, DG Preatoni, ...
Biological Invasions 19 (6), 1863-1877, 2017
Timing of resource availability drives divergent social systems and home range dynamics in ecologically similar tree squirrels
MV Mazzamuto, M Merrick, F Bisi, JL Koprowski, LA Wauters, A Martinoli
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 174, 2020
Distribution of Wildlife and Illegal Human Activities in the Lampi Marine National Park (Myanmar)
F Bisi, A Gagliardi, G Cremonesi, R Colombo, MV Mazzamuto, ...
Environmental Conservation, 2019
Behavioural and population responses of ground-dwelling rodents to forest edges
MV Mazzamuto, LA Wauters, D Preatoni, A Martinoli
Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy, 2019
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