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Roberta Misasi
Sapienza Università di Roma Italy
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Anti–β2‐glycoprotein I antibodies induce monocyte release of tumor necrosis factor α and tissue factor by signal transduction pathways involving lipid rafts
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Prion protein is a component of the multimolecular signaling complex involved in T cell activation
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Lipid microdomains contribute to apoptosis-associated modifications of mitochondria in T cells
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Cardiolipin on the surface of apoptotic cells as a possible trigger for antiphospholipid antibodies
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Association of the death-inducing signaling complex with microdomains after triggering through CD95/Fas evidence for caspase-8-ganglioside interaction in t cells
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Human complement factor H: An additional gene product of 43kDa isolated from human plasma shows cofactor activity for the cleavage of the third component of complement
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Prosaptide prevents paclitaxel neurotoxicity.
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Prosaposin treatment induces PC12 entry in the S phase of the cell cycle and prevents apoptosis: activation of ERKs and sphingosine kinase
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Inhibition of protein S by autoantibodies in patients with acquired protein S deficiency
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A Novel Mechanism of CD4 Down-modulation Induced by Monosialoganglioside GM3 INVOLVEMENT OF SERINE PHOSPHORYLATION AND PROTEIN KINASE C δ TRANSLOCATION
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GD3 glycosphingolipid contributes to Fas‐mediated apoptosis via association with ezrin cytoskeletal protein
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Association of GM3 with Zap-70 Induced by T Cell Activation in Plasma Membrane Microdomains GM3 AS A MARKER OF MICRODOMAINS IN HUMAN LYMPHOCYTES
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Specificity of anti‐phospholipid antibodies in infectious mononucleosis: a role for anti‐cofactor protein antibodies
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Clinical & Experimental Immunology 120 (2), 301-306, 2000
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