Nicole G. H. Leferink
Nicole G. H. Leferink
Research Fellow Future BRH, Manchester Intsitute of Biotechnology (MIB), University of Manchester
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3DM: systematic analysis of heterogeneous superfamily data to discover protein functionalities
RK Kuipers, HJ Joosten, WJH Van Berkel, NGH Leferink, E Rooijen, ...
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NGH Leferink, DPHM Heuts, MW Fraaije, WJH van Berkel
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l‐Galactono‐γ‐lactone dehydrogenase from Arabidopsis thaliana, a flavoprotein involved in vitamin C biosynthesis
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Identification of a Gatekeeper Residue That Prevents Dehydrogenases from Acting as Oxidases*♦
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Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in the Catalytic Cycle of Alcaligenes xylosoxidans Copper-Dependent Nitrite Reductase
NGH Leferink, C Han, SV Antonyuk, DJ Heyes, SEJ Rigby, MA Hough, ...
Biochemistry 50 (19), 4121-4131, 2011
Galactonolactone dehydrogenase requires a redox-sensitive thiol for optimal production of vitamin C
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V Karuppiah, KE Ranaghan, NGH Leferink, LO Johannissen, ...
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Laboratory evolution of Pyrococcus furiosus alcohol dehydrogenase to improve the production of (2S,5S)-hexanediol at moderate temperatures
R Machielsen, NGH Leferink, A Hendriks, SJJ Brouns, HG Hennemann, ...
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Impact of residues remote from the catalytic centre on enzyme catalysis of copper nitrite reductase
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A ‘Plug and Play’ Platform for the Production of Diverse Monoterpene Hydrocarbon Scaffolds in Escherichia coli.
NGH Leferink, AJ Jervis, Z Zebec, HS Toogood, S Hay, E Takano, ...
ChemistrySelect 1 (9), 1893-1896, 2016
Gating mechanisms for biological electron transfer: Integrating structure with biophysics reveals the nature of redox control in cytochrome P450 reductase and copper-dependent …
NGH Leferink, CR Pudney, S Brenner, DJ Heyes, RR Eady, SS Hasnain, ...
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GK Reddy, NGH Leferink, M Umemura, ST Ahmed, R Breitling, ...
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Towards the free energy landscape for catalysis in mammalian nitric oxide synthases
NGH Leferink, S Hay, SEJ Rigby, NS Scrutton
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NGH Leferink, KE Ranaghan, V Karuppiah, A Currin, MW Van Der Kamp, ...
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Chemo-enzymatic routes towards the synthesis of bio-based monomers and polymers
ST Ahmed, NGH Leferink, NS Scrutton
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M Hervás, Q Bashir, NGH Leferink, P Ferreira, B Moreno‐Beltrán, ...
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Laser‐flash photolysis indicates that internal electron transfer is triggered by proton uptake by Alcaligenes xylosoxidans copper‐dependent nitrite reductase
NGH Leferink, RR Eady, SS Hasnain, NS Scrutton
The FEBS Journal 279 (12), 2174-2181, 2012
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