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PyInteraph: a framework for the analysis of interaction networks in structural ensembles of proteins
M Tiberti, G Invernizzi, M Lambrughi, Y Inbar, G Schreiber, E Papaleo
Journal of chemical information and modeling 54 (5), 1537-1551, 2014
Disclosure of Key Stereoelectronic Factors for Efficient H2 Binding and Cleavage in the Active Site of [NiFe]-Hydrogenases
M Bruschi, M Tiberti, A Guerra, L De Gioia
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (5), 1803-1814, 2014
xPyder: a PyMOL plugin to analyze coupled residues and their networks in protein structures.
M Pasi, M Tiberti, A Arrigoni, E Papaleo
Journal of chemical information and modeling 52 (7), 1865-1874, 2012
Dynamic properties of extremophilic subtilisin-like serine-proteases
M Tiberti, E Papaleo
Journal of structural biology 174 (1), 69-83, 2011
Molecular dynamics of mesophilic-like mutants of a cold-adapted enzyme: insights into distal effects induced by the mutations
E Papaleo, M Pasi, M Tiberti, L De Gioia
PloS one 6 (9), e24214, 2011
Mechanisms of intramolecular communication in a hyperthermophilic acylaminoacyl peptidase: a molecular dynamics investigation
E Papaleo, G Renzetti, M Tiberti
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ENCORE: Software for Quantitative Ensemble Comparison
M Tiberti, E Papaleo, T Bengtsen, W Boomsma, K Lindorff-Larsen
PLoS Comput Biol 11 (10), e1004415, 2015
Molecular determinants of enzyme cold adaptation: comparative structural and computational studies of cold-and warm-adapted enzymes
E Papaleo, M Tiberti, G Invernizzi, M Pasi, V Ranzani
Current Protein and Peptide Science 12 (7), 657-683, 2011
E2 superfamily of ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes: constitutively active or activated through phosphorylation in the catalytic cleft
I Valimberti, M Tiberti, M Lambrughi, B Sarcevic, E Papaleo
Scientific reports 5, 2015
Evidence for the formation of a Mo–H intermediate in the catalytic cycle of formate dehydrogenase
M Tiberti, E Papaleo, N Russo, L De Gioia, G Zampella
Inorganic chemistry 51 (15), 8331-8339, 2012
Communication routes in ARID domains between distal residues in Helix 5 and the DNA-binding loops
G Invernizzi, M Tiberti, M Lambrughi, K Lindorff-Larsen, E Papaleo
PLoS computational biology 10 (9), e1003744, 2014
The mutational landscape of the oncogenic MZF1 SCAN domain in cancer
M Nygaard, T Terkelsen, AV Olsen, V Sora, JS Viloria, F Rizza, ...
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 3, 2016
(Dis) similarity Index To Compare Correlated Motions in Molecular Simulations
M Tiberti, G Invernizzi, E Papaleo
Journal of chemical theory and computation 11 (9), 4404-4414, 2015
A comparative study of cold-and warm-adapted Endonucleases A using sequence analyses and molecular dynamics simulations
D Michetti, BO Brandsdal, D Bon, GV Isaksen, M Tiberti, E Papaleo
PloS one 12 (2), e0169586, 2017
Functional annotation of the mesophilic-like character of mutants in a cold-adapted enzyme by self-organising map analysis of their molecular dynamics
D Fraccalvieri, M Tiberti, A Pandini, L Bonati, E Papaleo
Molecular BioSystems 8 (10), 2680-2691, 2012
Computational structural biology of S-nitrosylation of cancer targets
E Bignon, MF Allega, M Lucchetta, M Tiberti, E Papaleo
Frontiers in Oncology 8, 272, 2018
Allosteric modulation of cardiac myosin dynamics by omecamtiv mecarbil
S Hashem, M Tiberti, A Fornili
PLoS computational biology 13 (11), e1005826, 2017
Copper coordination to the putative cell binding site of angiogenin: a DFT investigation
L Bertini, M Bruschi, M Romaniello, G Zampella, M Tiberti, V Barbieri, ...
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Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Study Structure-Function Relationship in Psychrophilic Enzymes
E Papaleo, M Tiberti, G Invernizzi
Biotechnology of Extremophiles:, 675-698, 2016
In silico identification of rescue sites by double force scanning
M Tiberti, A Pandini, F Fraternali, A Fornili
Bioinformatics, btx515, 2017
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