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Experimental evidence of replica symmetry breaking in random lasers
N Ghofraniha, I Viola, F Di Maria, G Barbarella, G Gigli, L Leuzzi, C Conti
Nature communications 6, 6058, 2015
A successful chemical strategy to induce oligothiophene self-assembly into fibers with tunable shape and function
F Di Maria, P Olivelli, M Gazzano, A Zanelli, M Biasiucci, G Gigli, D Gentili, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (22), 8654-8661, 2011
Microwave-assisted synthesis of thiophene fluorophores, labeling and multilabeling of monoclonal antibodies, and long lasting staining of fixed cells
M Zambianchi, FD Maria, A Cazzato, G Gigli, M Piacenza, FD Sala, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (31), 10892-10900, 2009
Microwave-assisted synthesis of oligothiophene semiconductors in aqueous media using silica and chitosan supported Pd catalysts
S Alesi, F Di Maria, M Melucci, DJ Macquarrie, R Luque, G Barbarella
Green Chemistry 10 (5), 517-523, 2008
Live-cell-permeant thiophene fluorophores and cell-mediated formation of fluorescent fibrils
I Palama, F Di Maria, I Viola, E Fabiano, G Gigli, C Bettini, G Barbarella
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (44), 17777-17785, 2011
Supramolecular oligothiophene microfibers spontaneously assembled on surfaces or coassembled with proteins inside live cells
G Barbarella, F Di Maria
Accounts of chemical research 48 (8), 2230-2241, 2015
Targeting ordered oligothiophene fibers with enhanced functional properties by interplay of self-assembly and wet lithography
D Gentili, F Di Maria, F Liscio, L Ferlauto, F Leonardi, L Maini, M Gazzano, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (39), 20852-20856, 2012
Correlation among morphology, crystallinity, and charge mobility in OFETs made of quaterthiophene alkyl derivatives on a transparent substrate platform
G Generali, F Dinelli, R Capelli, S Toffanin, F di Maria, M Gazzano, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (46), 23164-23169, 2011
Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of regioregular head-to-head substituted thiophene hexadecamers
F Di Maria, M Gazzano, A Zanelli, G Gigli, A Loiudice, A Rizzo, ...
Macromolecules 45 (20), 8284-8291, 2012
Random Laser from engineered nanostructures obtained by surface tension driven lithography
N Ghofraniha, I Viola, F Di Maria, G Barbarella, G Gigli, C Conti
Laser Photonics Rev., 2013, 7 (3), 432–438. 7 (3), 432–438, 2013
The evolution of artificial light actuators in living systems: from planar to nanostructured interfaces
F Di Maria, F Lodola, E Zucchetti, F Benfenati, G Lanzani
Chemical Society Reviews 47 (13), 4757-4780, 2018
Live cell cytoplasm staining and selective labeling of intracellular proteins by non-toxic cell-permeant thiophene fluorophores
F Di Maria, IE Palamà, M Baroncini, A Barbieri, A Bongini, R Bizzarri, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 12 (10), 1603-1610, 2014
Poly (3-hexylthiophene) nanoparticles for biophotonics: study of the mutual interaction with living cells
E Zucchetti, M Zangoli, I Bargigia, C Bossio, F Di Maria, G Barbarella, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 5 (3), 565-574, 2017
Polymorphism in Crystalline Microfibers of Achiral Octithiophene: The Effect on Charge Transport, Supramolecular Chirality and Optical Properties
F Di Maria, E Fabiano, D Gentili, M Biasiucci, T Salzillo, G Bergamini, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (31), 4943-4951, 2014
Engineering thiophene-based nanoparticles to induce phototransduction in live cells under illumination
M Zangoli, F Di Maria, E Zucchetti, C Bossio, MR Antognazza, G Lanzani, ...
Nanoscale 9 (26), 9202-9209, 2017
Synthesis and applications of thiophene derivatives as organic materials
G Barbarella, M Zangoli, F Di Maria
Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry 123, 105-167, 2017
Physiological formation of fluorescent and conductive protein microfibers in live fibroblasts upon spontaneous uptake of biocompatible fluorophores
I Viola, IE Palamà, AML Coluccia, M Biasiucci, B Dozza, E Lucarelli, ...
Integrative Biology 5 (8), 1057-1066, 2013
Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanoparticles Containing Thiophene-S,S-dioxide: Tuning of Dimensions, Optical and Redox Properties, and Charge Separation under …
F Di Maria, A Zanelli, A Liscio, A Kovtun, E Salatelli, R Mazzaro, ...
ACS nano 11 (2), 1991-1999, 2017
Improving the Property–Function Tuning Range of Thiophene Materials via Facile Synthesis of Oligo/Polythiophene‐S‐Oxides and Mixed Oligo/Polythiophene‐S‐Oxides/Oligo …
F Di Maria, M Zangoli, IE Palamá, E Fabiano, A Zanelli, M Monari, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (38), 6970-6984, 2016
Biocompatible and biodegradable fluorescent microfibers physiologically secreted by live cells upon spontaneous uptake of thiophene fluorophore
IE Palamà, F Di Maria, S D'Amone, G Barbarella, G Gigli
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (1), 151-158, 2015
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