Paola Rossi
Paola Rossi
Associate Professor of Physiology
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Theta-frequency bursting and resonance in cerebellar granule cells: experimental evidence and modeling of a slow K+-dependent mechanism
E D'Angelo, T Nieus, A Maffei, S Armano, P Rossi, V Taglietti, A Fontana, ...
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Synaptic excitation of individual rat cerebellar granule cells in situ: evidence for the role of NMDA receptors.
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Glaucomatous outflow pathway and oxidative stress
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Fibroblast growth factor homologous factors control neuronal excitability through modulation of voltage-gated sodium channels
M Goldfarb, J Schoorlemmer, A Williams, S Diwakar, Q Wang, X Huang, ...
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Evidence for NMDA and mGlu receptor-dependent long-term potentiation of mossy fiber–granule cell transmission in rat cerebellum
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Increased neurotransmitter release during long‐term potentiation at mossy fibre–granule cell synapses in rat cerebellum
E Sola, F Prestori, P Rossi, V Taglietti, E D'Angelo
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LTP regulates burst initiation and frequency at mossy fiber–granule cell synapses of rat cerebellum: experimental observations and theoretical predictions
T Nieus, E Sola, J Mapelli, E Saftenku, P Rossi, E D'angelo
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Altered neuronal excitability in cerebellar granule cells of mice lacking calretinin
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Journal of Neuroscience 23 (28), 9320-9327, 2003
Ionic mechanism of electroresponsiveness in cerebellar granule cells implicates the action of a persistent sodium current
E D'Angelo, GD Filippi, P Rossi, V Taglietti
Journal of neurophysiology 80 (2), 493-503, 1998
Increased ethanol resistance and consumption in Eps8 knockout mice correlates with altered actin dynamics
N Offenhäuser, D Castelletti, L Mapelli, BE Soppo, MC Regondi, P Rossi, ...
Cell 127 (1), 213-226, 2006
Intracellular calcium regulation by burst discharge determines bidirectional long-term synaptic plasticity at the cerebellum input stage
D Gall, F Prestori, E Sola, A D'Errico, C Roussel, L Forti, P Rossi, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 25 (19), 4813-4822, 2005
Different proportions of N-methyl-D-aspartate and non-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor currents at the mossy fibre-granule cell synapse of developing rat cerebellum
E D'Angelo, P Rossi, V Taglietti
Neuroscience 53 (1), 121-130, 1993
Tactile stimulation evokes long-term synaptic plasticity in the granular layer of cerebellum
L Roggeri, B Rivieccio, P Rossi, E D'Angelo
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (25), 6354-6359, 2008
Dual-component NMDA receptor currents at a single central synapse
E D'angelo, P Rossi, J Garthwaite
Nature 346 (6283), 467-470, 1990
Altered neuron excitability and synaptic plasticity in the cerebellar granular layer of juvenile prion protein knock-out mice with impaired motor control
F Prestori, P Rossi, B Bearzatto, J Lainé, D Necchi, S Diwakar, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (28), 7091-7103, 2008
NMDA receptor 2 (NR2) C-terminal control of NR open probability regulates synaptic transmission and plasticity at a cerebellar synapse
P Rossi, E Sola, V Taglietti, T Borchardt, F Steigerwald, JK Utvik, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 22 (22), 9687-9697, 2002
NO enhances presynaptic currents during cerebellar mossy fiber—granule cell LTP
A Maffei, F Prestori, K Shibuki, P Rossi, V Taglietti, E D'Angelo
Journal of neurophysiology 90 (4), 2478-2483, 2003
Tonic Activation of GABAB Receptors Reduces Release Probability at Inhibitory Connections in the Cerebellar Glomerulus
L Mapelli, P Rossi, T Nieus, E D'Angelo
Journal of neurophysiology 101 (6), 3089-3099, 2009
Presynaptic current changes at the mossy fiber–granule cell synapse of cerebellum during LTP
A Maffei, F Prestori, P Rossi, V Taglietti, E D'Angelo
Journal of neurophysiology 88 (2), 627-638, 2002
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