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Tracing the origin of Gulf Coast Phragmites (Poaceae): A story of long‐distance dispersal and hybridization
C Lambertini, IA Mendelssohn, MHG Gustafsson, B Olesen, T Riis, ...
American Journal of Botany 99 (3), 538-551, 2012
Clone-specific differences in Phragmites australis: effects of ploidy level and geographic origin
DL Hansen, C Lambertini, A Jampeetong, H Brix
Aquatic Botany 86 (3), 269-279, 2007
A phylogeographic study of the cosmopolitan genus Phragmites (Poaceae) based on AFLPs
C Lambertini, MHG Gustafsson, J Frydenberg, J Lissner, M Speranza, ...
Plant Systematics and Evolution 258 (3-4), 161-182, 2006
Invasion strategies in clonal aquatic plants: are phenotypic differences caused by phenotypic plasticity or local adaptation?
T Riis, C Lambertini, B Olesen, JS Clayton, H Brix, BK Sorrell
Annals of Botany 106 (5), 813-822, 2010
Growth and morphology in relation to temperature and light availability during the establishment of three invasive aquatic plant species
T Riis, B Olesen, JS Clayton, C Lambertini, H Brix, BK Sorrell
Aquatic Botany 102, 56-64, 2012
Genetic diversity patterns in Phragmites australis at the population, regional and continental scales
C Lambertini, MHG Gustafsson, J Frydenberg, M Speranza, H Brix
Aquatic Botany 88 (2), 160-170, 2008
Invasion of Old World Phragmites australis in the New World: precipitation and temperature patterns combined with human influences redesign the invasive niche
WY Guo, C Lambertini, XZ Li, LA Meyerson, H Brix
Global Change Biology 19 (11), 3406-3422, 2013
Hybridization of common reed in North America? The answer is blowing in the wind
LA Meyerson, C Lambertini, MK McCormick, DF Whigham
AoB plants 2012, 2012
Exploring the borders of European Phragmites within a cosmopolitan genus
C Lambertini, BK Sorrell, T Riis, B Olesen, H Brix
AoB plants 2012, 2012
Genetic diversity in three invasive clonal aquatic species in New Zealand
C Lambertini, T Riis, B Olesen, JS Clayton, BK Sorrell, H Brix
BMC genetics 11 (1), 52, 2010
Increased invasive potential of non‐native Phragmites australis: elevated CO2 and temperature alleviate salinity effects on photosynthesis and growth
F Eller, C Lambertini, LX Nguyen, H Brix
Global Change Biology 20 (2), 531-543, 2014
Cosmopolitan species as models for ecophysiological responses to global change: the common reed Phragmites australis
F Eller, H Sklov, JS Caplan, GP Bhattarai, MK Burger, JT Cronin, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 8, 1833, 2017
Global networks for invasion science: benefits, challenges and guidelines
JG Packer, LA Meyerson, DM Richardson, G Brundu, WJ Allen, ...
Biological Invasions 19 (4), 1081-1096, 2017
Do ploidy level and nuclear genome size and latitude of origin modify the expression of Phragmites australis traits and interactions with herbivores?
LA Meyerson, JT Cronin, GP Bhattarai, H Brix, C Lambertini, M Lučanov, ...
Biological Invasions 18 (9), 2531-2549, 2016
Preadaptation and post‐introduction evolution facilitate the invasion of Phragmites australis in North America
WY Guo, C Lambertini, LX Nguyen, XZ Li, H Brix
Ecology and Evolution 4 (24), 4567-4577, 2014
Phenotypic traits of Phragmites australis clones are not related to ploidy level and distribution range
L Achenbach, C Lambertini, H Brix
AoB Plants 2012, 2012
Small genome separates native and invasive populations in an ecologically important cosmopolitan grass
P Pyšek, H Sklov, J Čuda, WY Guo, J Suda, J Doležal, O Kauzl, ...
Ecology 99 (1), 79-90, 2018
Interactive effects of elevated temperature and CO2 on two phylogeographically distinct clones of common reed (Phragmites australis)
F Eller, C Lambertini, LX Nguyen, L Achenbach, H Brix
AoB Plants 5, 2013
Phragmitesaustralis: How do genotypes of different phylogeographic origins differ from their invasive genotypes in growth, nitrogen allocation and gas exchange?
BT Tho, BK Sorrell, C Lambertini, F Eller, H Brix
Biological invasions 18 (9), 2563-2576, 2016
Competition and feeding ecology in two sympatric Xenopus species (Anura: Pipidae)
S Vogt, FA De Villiers, F Ihlow, D Rdder, J Measey
PeerJ 5, e3130, 2017
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