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Heck functionalization of an asymmetric aza-BODIPY core: synthesis of far-red infrared probes for bioimaging applications
S Parisotto, B Lace, E Artuso, C Lombardi, A Deagostino, R Scudu, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 15 (4), 884-893, 2017
Stereochemical assignment of strigolactone analogues confirms their selective biological activity
E Artuso, E Ghibaudi, B Lace, D Marabello, D Vinciguerra, C Lombardi, ...
Journal of Natural Products 78 (11), 2624-2633, 2015
π-Allylpalladium complexes in synthesis: an update
S Parisotto, A Deagostino
Synthesis 51 (09), 1892-1912, 2019
Design, synthesis and preliminary in-vitro studies of novel boronated monocarbonyl analogues of Curcumin (BMAC) for antitumor and β-amiloyd disaggregation activity
E Azzi, D Alberti, S Parisotto, A Oppedisano, N Protti, S Altieri, ...
Bioorganic Chemistry 93, 103324, 2019
Visible Light Mediated Photocatalytic N-Radical Cascade Reactivity of γ,δ-Unsaturated N-Arylsulfonylhydrazones: A General Approach to Structurally Diverse …
E Azzi, G Ghigo, S Parisotto, F Pellegrino, E Priola, P Renzi, A Deagostino
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 86 (4), 3300-3323, 2021
Cooperative Iodide Pd(0)‐Catalysed Coupling of Alkoxyallenes and N‐Tosylhydrazones: A Selective Synthesis of Conjugated and Skipped Dienes
S Parisotto, L Palagi, C Prandi, A Deagostino
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (21), 5484-5488, 2018
Heterocyclization and Spirocyclization Processes Based on Domino Reactions of N‐Tosylhydrazones and Boronic Acids Involving Intramolecular Allylborylations of …
M Plaza, S Parisotto, C Valdés
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (55), 14836-14843, 2018
Visible‐Light‐Driven Photocatalytic Transformation of α,β‐Unsaturated‐N‐Tosylhydrazones: A Novel Route to Allylic Sulfones
S Parisotto, G Garreffa, C Canepa, E Diana, F Pellegrino, E Priola, ...
ChemPhotoChem 1 (2), 56-59, 2017
Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Allylic Alcohols from Vinyl Oxiranes and N-Tosylhydrazones via a Tsuji–Trost-Like “Palladium–Iodide” Catalyzed Coupling
S Parisotto, A Deagostino
Organic letters 20 (21), 6891-6895, 2018
Recent progresses in the preparation of chlorinated molecules: electrocatalysis and photoredox catalysis in the spotlight
S Parisotto, E Azzi, A Lanfranco, P Renzi, A Deagostino
Reactions 3 (2), 233-253, 2022
Inexpensive and bench stable diarylmethylium tetrafluoroborates as organocatalysts in the light mediated hydrosulfonylation of unactivated alkenes
P Renzi, E Azzi, S Ascensio, S Parisotto, F Sordello, F Pellegrino, G Ghigo, ...
Chemical Science 14 (10), 2721-2734, 2023
Photoinduced Chloroamination Cyclization Cascade with N-Chlorosuccinimide: From N-(Allenyl)sulfonylamides to 2-(1-Chlorovinyl)pyrrolidines
E Azzi, G Ghigo, L Sarasino, S Parisotto, R Moro, P Renzi, A Deagostino
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 88 (10), 6420-6433, 2022
Blue light enhanced Heck arylation at room temperature applied to allenes
P Renzi, E Azzi, E Bessone, G Ghigo, S Parisotto, F Pellegrino, ...
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 9 (4), 906-916, 2022
Biotinylation of a MRI/Gd BNCT theranostic agent to access a novel tumour-targeted delivery system
A Lanfranco, D Alberti, S Parisotto, P Renzi, V Lecomte, SG Crich, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 20 (26), 5342-5354, 2022
Asymmetric Reduction of Cyclic Imines by Imine Reductase Enzymes in Non‐Conventional Solvents
D Arnodo, F De Nardi, S Parisotto, E De Nardo, S Cananà, F Salvatico, ...
ChemSusChem 17 (3), e202301243, 2024
A novel pH sensitive theranostic PLGA nanoparticle for boron neutron capture therapy in mesothelioma treatment
J Sforzi, A Lanfranco, R Stefania, D Alberti, V Bitonto, S Parisotto, P Renzi, ...
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 620, 2023
LIC-KOR promoted nitrone reactivity: stereoselective synthesis of highly conjugated imines and secondary amines
S Parisotto, P Boggio, C Prandi, P Venturello, A Deagostino
Tetrahedron Letters 56 (42), 5791-5794, 2015
Capture enhanced neutron irradiation for the treatment of the Alzheimer Disease: micro-nanodosimetric characterization of beta amyloid peptide samples
D Mazzucconi, D Bortot, S Agosteo, A Pola, D Rastelli, S Pasquato, ...
Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 111799, 2024
LIC-KOR Promoted Nitrone Reactivity with Metalated Alcoxydienes
OMCOS18 Abstract book, P-273-P-273, 2015
rsc. li/frontiers-organic
P Renzi, E Azzi, E Bessone, G Ghigo, S Parisotto, F Pellegrino, ...
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