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Zhi-Xin Guo
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Thermal conductivity of graphene nanoribbons
Z Guo, D Zhang, XG Gong
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Absence and presence of Dirac electrons in silicene on substrates
ZX Guo, S Furuya, J Iwata, A Oshiyama
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Manipulating thermal conductivity through substrate coupling
ZX Guo, D Zhang, XG Gong
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Ultra-low thermal conductivity of two-dimensional phononic crystals in the incoherent regime
G Xie, Z Ju, K Zhou, X Wei, Z Guo, Y Cai, G Zhang
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Structural Evolution and Optoelectronic Applications of Multilayer Silicene
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P Li, X Li, W Zhao, H Chen, MX Chen, ZX Guo, J Feng, XG Gong, ...
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Crossover between Silicene and Ultra-Thin Si Atomic Layers on Ag (111) Surfaces
ZX Guo, A Oshiyama
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G Xie, B Li, L Yang, J Cao, Z Guo, M Tang, J Zhong
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Z Guo, D Zhang, Y Zhai, XG Gong
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Strain engineering of magnetic state in vacancy-doped phosphorene
J Ren, C Zhang, J Li, Z Guo, H Xiao, J Zhong
Physics Letters A 380 (40), 3270-3277, 2016
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