Ferdinando Bosi
Ferdinando Bosi
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Crystal chemistry of the magnetite-ulvospinel series
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Tsilaisite, NaMn3Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3OH, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup from Grotta d’Oggi, San Pietro in Campo, island of Elbaá…
F Bosi, H Skogby, G Agrosý, E Scandale
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Crystal structure analyses of four tourmaline specimens from the Cleopatra’s Mines (Egypt) and Jabal Zalm (Saudi Arabia), and the role of Al in the tourmaline group
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F Bosi
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F Bosi, GB Andreozzi, V Ferrini, S Lucchesi
American Mineralogist 89 (10), 1367-1373, 2004
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