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Catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapors using transition metal-modified ZSM-5 zeolite
EF Iliopoulou, SD Stefanidis, KG Kalogiannis, A Delimitis, AA Lappas, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 127, 281-290, 2012
Catalytic conversion of biomass pyrolysis products by mesoporous materials: effect of steam stability and acidity of Al-MCM-41 catalysts
EF Iliopoulou, EV Antonakou, SA Karakoulia, IA Vasalos, AA Lappas, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 134 (1-3), 51-57, 2007
Optimization of hydrothermal pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass in the bioethanol production process
CK Nitsos, KA Matis, KS Triantafyllidis
ChemSusChem 6 (1), 110-122, 2013
Hydrothermally stable mesoporous aluminosilicates (MSU-S) assembled from zeolite seeds as catalysts for biomass pyrolysis
KS Triantafyllidis, EF Iliopoulou, EV Antonakou, AA Lappas, H Wang, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 99 (1-2), 132-139, 2007
Sorption of reactive dyes from aqueous solutions by ordered hexagonal and disordered mesoporous carbons
DD Asouhidou, KS Triantafyllidis, NK Lazaridis, KA Matis, SS Kim, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 117 (1-2), 257-267, 2009
Catalytic upgrading of lignocellulosic biomass pyrolysis vapours: Effect of hydrothermal pre-treatment of biomass
S Stephanidis, C Nitsos, K Kalogiannis, EF Iliopoulou, AA Lappas, ...
Catalysis Today 167 (1), 37-45, 2011
Pilot-scale validation of Co-ZSM-5 catalyst performance in the catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapours
EF Iliopoulou, S Stefanidis, K Kalogiannis, AC Psarras, A Delimitis, ...
Green Chemistry 16 (2), 662-674, 2014
Selective petroleum refining over a zeolite catalyst with small intracrystal mesopores
DH Park, SS Kim, H Wang, TJ Pinnavaia, MC Papapetrou, AA Lappas, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (41), 7645-7648, 2009
Natural magnesium oxide (MgO) catalysts: A cost-effective sustainable alternative to acid zeolites for the in situ upgrading of biomass fast pyrolysis oil
SD Stefanidis, SA Karakoulia, KG Kalogiannis, EF Iliopoulou, A Delimitis, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 196, 155-173, 2016
Adsorption of Remazol Red 3BS from aqueous solutions using APTES-and cyclodextrin-modified HMS-type mesoporous silicas
DD Asouhidou, KS Triantafyllidis, NK Lazaridis, KA Matis
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 346 (1-3…, 2009
Epoxy− clay fabric film composites with unprecedented oxygen-barrier properties
KS Triantafyllidis, PC LeBaron, I Park, TJ Pinnavaia
Chemistry of Materials 18 (18), 4393-4398, 2006
Effect of the type of alkylammonium ion clay modifier on the structure and thermal/mechanical properties of glassy and rubbery epoxy–clay nanocomposites
PI Xidas, KS Triantafyllidis
European Polymer Journal 46 (3), 404-417, 2010
Optimization of hydrothermal pretreatment of hardwood and softwood lignocellulosic residues for selective hemicellulose recovery and improved cellulose enzymatic hydrolysis
CK Nitsos, T Choli-Papadopoulou, KA Matis, KS Triantafyllidis
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 4 (9), 4529-4544, 2016
Iron-modified hydrotalcite-like materials as highly efficient phosphate sorbents
KS Triantafyllidis, EN Peleka, VG Komvokis, PP Mavros
Journal of colloid and interface science 342 (2), 427-436, 2010
Desulfurization of diesel fuels: adsorption of 4, 6-DMDBT on different origin and surface chemistry nanoporous activated carbons
KS Triantafyllidis, EA Deliyanni
Chemical Engineering Journal 236, 406-414, 2014
The BET equation, the inflection points of N2 adsorption isotherms and the estimation of specific surface area of porous solids
AK Ladavos, AP Katsoulidis, A Iosifidis, KS Triantafyllidis, TJ Pinnavaia, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 151, 126-133, 2012
Preparation and characterization of vanadia catalysts supported on non-porous, microporous and mesoporous silicates for oxidative dehydrogenation of propane (ODP)
SA Karakoulia, KS Triantafyllidis, AA Lemonidou
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 110 (1), 157-166, 2008
The hydrolytic hydrogenation of cellulose to sorbitol over M (Ru, Ir, Pd, Rh)-BEA-zeolite catalysts
A Negoi, K Triantafyllidis, VI Parvulescu, SM Coman
Catalysis Today 223, 122-128, 2014
Activated carbons for the removal of heavy metal ions: A systematic review of recent literature focused on lead and arsenic ions
EA Deliyanni, GZ Kyzas, KS Triantafyllidis, KA Matis
Open Chemistry 13 (1), 2015
Effect of Lewis and Brnsted acidity on glucose conversion to 5-HMF and lactic acid in aqueous and organic media
AA Marianou, CM Michailof, A Pineda, EF Iliopoulou, KS Triantafyllidis, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 555, 75-87, 2018
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