Rogerio Tenreiro
Rogerio Tenreiro
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Virulence factors in food, clinical and reference enterococci: a common trait in the genus?
T Semedo, MA Santos, MFS Lopes, JJF Marques, MTB Crespo, ...
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Genetic relatedness of Portuguese almond cultivars assessed by RAPD and ISSR markers
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Activity and expression of a virulence factor, gelatinase, in dairy enterococci
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Prevalence and risk factors for Giardia duodenalis infection among children: a case study in Portugal
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Species-specific mitochondrial DNA markers for identification of non-invasive samples from sympatric carnivores in the Iberian Peninsula
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Occurrence and persistence of Listeria spp. in the environment of ewe and cow's milk cheese dairies in Portugal unveiled by an integrated analysis of identification, typing and …
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Diversity and impact of prokaryotic toxins on aquatic environments: a review
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Listeria monocytogenes Biofilm-Associated Protein (BapL) May Contribute to Surface Attachment of L. monocytogenes but Is Absent from Many Field Isolates
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Congruence of evolutionary relationships inside the Leuconostoc–Oenococcus–Weissella clade assessed by phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA gene, dnaA, gyrB, rpoC and dnaK
IM Chelo, L Zé-Zé, R Tenreiro
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Unveiling contamination sources and dissemination routes of Salmonella sp. in pigs at a Portuguese slaughterhouse through macrorestriction profiling by pulsed-field gel …
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Inter-and intra-varietal analysis of three Olea europaea L. cultivars using the RAPD technique
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Marked intra-strain variation in response of Listeria monocytogenes dairy isolates to acid or salt stress and the effect of acid or salt adaptation on adherence to abiotic surfaces
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Bioactivity quantification of crude bacteriocin solutions
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Inter‐strain relationships among wine leuconostocs and their divergence from other Leuconostoc species, as revealed by low frequency restriction fragment …
R Tenreiro, MA Santos, H Paveia, G Vieira
Journal of Applied Bacteriology 77 (3), 271-280, 1994
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