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Neural correlates of worry in generalized anxiety disorder and in normal controls: a functional MRI study
E Paulesu, E Sambugaro, T Torti, L Danelli, F Ferri, G Scialfa, M Sberna, ...
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Neural intersections of the phonological, visual magnocellular and motor/cerebellar systems in normal readers: implications for imaging studies on dyslexia
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Is a lone right hemisphere enough? Neurolinguistic architecture in a case with a very early left hemispherectomy
L Danelli, G Cossu, M Berlingeri, G Bottini, M Sberna, E Paulesu
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GOOD or BAD responder? Behavioural and neuroanatomical markers of clinical response to donepezil in dementia
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Framing effects reveal discrete lexical-semantic and sublexical procedures in reading: an fMRI study
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Anatomical Modularity of Verbal Working Memory? Functional Anatomical Evidence from a Famous Patient with Short-Term Memory Deficits
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Guess who’s coming to dinner: Brain signatures of racially biased and politically correct behaviors
M Berlingeri, M Gallucci, L Danelli, M Forgiarini, M Sberna, E Paulesu
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What is difficult for you can be easy for me. Effects of increasing individual task demand on prefrontal lateralization: A tDCS study
A Vergallito, LJR Lauro, R Bonandrini, L Zapparoli, L Danelli, M Berlingeri
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How many deficits in the same dyslexic brains? A behavioural and fMRI assessment of comorbidity in adult dyslexics
L Danelli, M Berlingeri, G Bottini, NA Borghese, M Lucchese, M Sberna, ...
Cortex 97, 125-142, 2017
Neurofunctional and neuromorphological evidence of the lack of compensation in pathological aging
M Berlingeri, L Sacheli, L Danelli, F Ferri, D Traficante, S Basilico, ...
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Clustering the brain with “CluB”: A new toolbox for quantitative meta-analysis of neuroimaging data
M Berlingeri, F Devoto, F Gasparini, A Saibene, S Corchs, L Clemente, ...
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Music education at school: too little and too late? Evidence from a longitudinal study on music training in preadolescents.
D Carioti, L Danelli, MT Guasti, M Gallucci, M Perugini, P Steca, ...
Frontiers in Psychology 10, 2704, 2019
As time goes by: a rTMS study on age-related changes in sentence comprehension
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Framing effects in reading: an fMRI study
L Danelli, M Marelli, M Berlingeri, M Sberna, E Paulesu, C Luzzatti
Front. Psychol. Conference Abstract: Academy of Aphasia--52nd Annual Meeting …, 2014
P118 The effect of age and cognitive load on prefrontal neurofunctional lateralization: A tDCS study
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How many deficits in the same dyslexic brains? Behavioural and fMRI evidence
L Danelli, M Berlingeri, M Lucchese, A Borghese, M Sberna, G Bottini, ...
Framing effects in reading: an fMRI study
D Laura, M Marco, B Manuela, S Maurizio, P Eraldo, L Claudio
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